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Programme Information
 The final Silver Street episode was broadcast on Fri 26 Mar 2010 and the final omnibus on Sun 28 Mar 2010
Episode Synopsis
Wednesday 24th March 2010 Ep 1523

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At the Saffrons grand re-opening, Kamla quickly takes Bibi to task over her son and ‘that woman’. Everyone’s gossiping about them. Bibi defends Jungli. He is married, his wife’s called Maxine and she’s the best daughter-in-law a mother could wish for! Kamla asks for news about Suresh. Pradeep says he must be caught up with work. Jodie notices that Kuljit and Sway are on speaking terms. Meanwhile, Jaggy is babysitting Kesar and Jibran. Simran tells Jodie it’s hard to refuse a request from Rozena in the current climate. Watching Kamla and Bibi, they reflect that that’ll be them in 30 years! Jodie then asks Rozena how business is going. Imran’s having a few teething troubles with the retail arcade, Roz says, but she’ll soon make them disappear.

At the warehouse, Suresh begs Jai to let him go, offering to make things up to him. But Jai surprises Suresh by cutting his ropes. He’s free. Suresh admits he has been a coward, and reminds Jai of the last time they were at the warehouse together. They were teenagers, and Suresh was being bullied. Suresh feels ashamed as he recalls that Jai stepped in to take a beating on his behalf, as he ran away. Jai tells Suresh he’s not the monster his brother paints him as. How could Suresh think Jai would hurt his own flesh and blood? A shamed Suresh admits that sometimes his younger brother does come good.

A frantic Rita and Sean arrive at the warehouse, and Suresh assures them he and Jai are fine. Suresh admits he was wrong to send Jai away- Kamla and Sean need him. But Jai says it’s too late, he has lost Sean. Then to Jai’s surprise Sean shows up, ready to give Jai another chance. Suresh wants Jai and Sean to come to America with him. But Jai realises there’s only one option left for him to make things right. He’ll hand himself in to the police. Tonight…

Episode written by Kris Kenway.

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