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Programme Information
 The final Silver Street episode was broadcast on Fri 26 Mar 2010 and the final omnibus on Sun 28 Mar 2010
Episode Synopsis
Wednesday 10th March 2010 Ep 1513

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Rozena has another dream, set in the near future. The gym has been transformed into a tacky new shopping centre, and Jibran is handing out leaflets outside. Rozena tries to stop Jibran working but Rita worries she’ll get him in trouble. Rozena heads inside, determined to put a stop to things. It’s about time she met this ‘Boss’. Rozena’s horrified to discover his identity … it’s Luca! Rita tells Rozena she blew her chance to run things. Rozena dives for Luca, but wakes up before she can get to him. She hears baby Jibran crying. A groggy Sameer asks Rozena to see to him. Sameer says he needs to get up early, and points out that Rozena has plenty of time to sleep in…

Meanwhile, Simran has transformed Jaggy’s flat into a cosy home, and they decide to go out tomorrow night to celebrate. They can stretch to a meal once a month - as long as they don’t let Rozena and Sameer see them!

At Jilani fashions, Dr. Masud is looking for a 50th birthday present for Shazia. Zenab would know exactly what to suggest, but she’s cooking, as they’re all going to the gym later on to make dua. Dr Masud tells Imran that Zenab is proud of him, as well she might be. Later, Imran explains his plans for the gym space to Zenab, Sameer and Rozena. It’s going to be more like an upmarket shopping centre. Sameer says it’s brilliant and Rozena agrees through gritted teeth. Rozena almost hears Sameer and Imran plotting their surprise for her on Sunday, and wonders what’s going on. When Imran asks Roz if she has thought any more about getting her own little project off the ground, she decides Imran’s right. It’s high time she did something…

Episode written by Sonia Likhari.

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