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Programme Information
 The final Silver Street episode was broadcast on Fri 26 Mar 2010 and the final omnibus on Sun 28 Mar 2010
Episode Synopsis
Wednesday 28th October 2009  Ep 1418

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Jodie is surprised when Roopa doesn’t accept her offer of work straight away. Bina’s over Roopa’s shoulder with the temptation of easy money for phone chatting. Roopa tells Jodie she’ll let her know! Jodie’s clearly feeling guilty for snapping at Roopa earlier. Sway tells Jodie not to let her heart rule her head.

Roopa’s ‘work’ phone rings and Bina encourages her to answer it. Roopa tentatively answers and pretends to be ‘Bunty’. When she realises the caller is as nervous as she is, Roopa relaxes and puts her acting training to good use!

Back at the sheesha lounge, Vinnie has left some paints out for Krishan. The boy’s got talent, and Vinnie tells Roopa and Bina they should encourage that. He’s at a vulnerable age after all. Bina then finds an excuse to head out again – she’s left the carrot cake and doughnuts at the café. But is she off to make a few extra quid?

Meanwhile, Kuljit offers to take the pressure off of Jodie with a quiet night in – he’ll even cook. Jodie says Simran’s coming over tonight, so Kuls suggests tomorrow. Jodie can’t think of a reason not to. Later, at the studio, Kuls tells Sway he’s looking forward to a night in with Jodie. Hopefully he won’t be sleeping on Sway’s couch for long. Sway warns Kuljit not to rush things. Or he’ll be on the sofa for longer than he thinks...

Episode written by Sonia Likhari

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