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Programme Information
 The final Silver Street episode was broadcast on Fri 26 Mar 2010 and the final omnibus on Sun 28 Mar 2010
Episode Synopsis
Friday 13th February 2009  Ep 1235

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Kuljit, Jodie and Ranbir are in A&E. Kuljit is struggling to drink water as his mouth is bleeding. Jodie tearfully asks if they were the same boys who came into the café but Kuljit lies saying it was too dark to see and they’d gone by the time Ranbir got there. Meanwhile, outside the cubicle, Ranbir calls Tyrone threatening him with the police if he calls him again.

Sandra is tipsy and finds it funny that they’re still in fancy dress, funny Bollywood stars they make. They get chatting about general things and Brian mentions how his gran used to sing him to sleep. Sandra whispers in his ear, when will he do the same for her? Brian feels uncomfortable and suggests going out for air.

Kuljit’s cheek has been stitched up. With Jodie out of sight, Kuljit confronts Ranbir saying he thought he was going to stop delivering for Tyrone. Ranbir said he had no choice because they’d get his family and friends, he also admits to being with them when they threatened Simran and Krishan but he told them to leave them alone. Kuljit is angry that Ranbir lied to him. Ranbir tearfully apologises and he swears he’s not hiding anything else; they just don’t leave him alone.

Brian and Sandra sing as they walk through the park. She gets a call from Darren but doesn’t answer; it’s probably because he doesn’t know how the microwave works. Brian thinks they may just be worried that’s all. She sits on the grass watching the moon and Brian asks her back to his but Sandra declines. She hails a cab and thanks Brian for being her hero for the night kissing him on the cheek. Brian pulls her closer, she is tempted to kiss him properly but her cab arrives.

Kuljit leaves hospital and Ranbir says he will go back into the gang if it means they will leave him and Jodie alone. Kuljit thinks he’s stupid. Ranbir knows he is, if he wasn’t none of this would have happened. Kuljit tells Ranbir that he didn’t tell the police anything because Ranbir would be in trouble too. Kuljit doesn’t know what to do for the best anymore.

Episode written by Amber Lone

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