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Programme Information
 The final Silver Street episode was broadcast on Fri 26 Mar 2010 and the final omnibus on Sun 28 Mar 2010
Episode Synopsis
Thursday 12th February 2009  Ep 1234

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Tyrone is on the phone threatening Ranbir to meet him but Ranbir refuses to do anything for him. Elsewhere, Jodie and Kuljit are about to lock up the café when Tyrone and Abid enter asking about booking a session at the studio. They want a look round too but Kuljit tells them to come back tomorrow.

Brian bumps into Sandra at the Golden Crown. She’s dressed in a sari as she’s meant to be at an Indian do but Kenny had more pressing business at Rangers. Brian tells her she doesn’t look out of place as its Heroes and Heroines night and she’s the prettiest one there besides he’s a hero without a heroine so how about it?

Kuljit’s about to lock up when Tyrone and his gang race towards him. They’re just messing around but Kuljit gets annoyed. They think Jodie is fit and they want his flash mobile phone. When Kuljit tells them to get lost, Tyrone blocks his path and says he’s too old to be hanging out with Ranbir anyway. Kuljit’s had enough and threatens them with the police.

Meanwhile at the Parkside Centre, Ranbir asks Jodie where Kuljit is and when she says he’s till at the studio, Ranbir rushes out.

Sandra notices Brian is a good little mover and she thanks him for sticking around. She’s a bit sick of being a football widow, if it’s not Kenny its Darren. To the outside world, they look big but behind closed doors, it’s her that’s keeping them together and she’s tired of it. Brian thinks she’s a great woman and gets her another drink for her even though Kenny is waiting for her now.

Tyrone wants Kuljit’s phone and pushes him. Then Abid and Tyrone jump on him sending him to the ground, they kick him in the stomach even when Kuljit tells them to just take his phone. They kick him in the body and face until Ranbir gets Tyrone in a headlock. Ranbir threatens them with the police so the lads run off and Ranbir helps Kuljit who is groaning in pain.

Episode written by Amber Lone

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