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Programme Information
 The final Silver Street episode was broadcast on Fri 26 Mar 2010 and the final omnibus on Sun 28 Mar 2010
Episode Synopsis
Tuesday 10th February 2009  Ep 1232

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Kuljit is interrupted in studio by Jaggy who says there was spray painted on the walls of the apartments last night. Kuljit is preoccupied with a jingle prompting Jaggy to think he’s not taking it seriously enough. Kuljit argues back that the barge got broken into too but if these lads are approached, who’s to say they won’t have knives on them? Jaggy gets angry, these yobs shouldn’t be allowed to scare law abiding people. Rather than handling the situation themselves, Kuljit says they should get the Police involved. Jaggy wants night patrols and thinks it will take more than a community meeting to stop these lads.

Rozena is cooking whilst on the phone to Sameer talking about a cheap plot of land that they should buy to build houses on and then sell them. She gets the impression Sameer isn’t interested so she’ll tell her dad instead, he knows of an opportunity when he sees one. The doorbell rings and its Brian wondering if he’s got the right house because Rozena answers it in an apron!

As Kuljit walks Ranbir to his bus stop, Ranbir says that Jaggy shouldn’t take the gang on, they wouldn’t think twice about hurting anyone and he doesn’t want anything to happen to him. Kuljit is confused until Ranbir explains that it’s the same lads he was doing drops for. Kuljit demands to know if he was with them when they destroyed properties but Ranbir walks off on his phone.

Brian is loving Rozena’s pakore and calls her the new ‘Nigella’! He’s laughing so much that he needs water when he chokes on the pakore. Brian tells her in chatting that Imran was asking him to explain how spreadsheets work. Rozena knows Imran is just dabbling, it won’t last long.

At the café, Ranbir tells Kuljit that Tyrone and his mates knew that he was close to them which is why they trashed the barge and now they are getting heavy on him again because he won’t join in. Kuljit asks once again, was he with them when they threatened Simran and Krishan. Ranbir says no so Kuljit tells him they’ll deal with it together.

Episode written by Amber Lone

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