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Programme Information
 The final Silver Street episode was broadcast on Fri 26 Mar 2010 and the final omnibus on Sun 28 Mar 2010
Episode Synopsis
Monday 9th February 2009  Ep 1231

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Mushtaq is showing Imran around the refurbished Rangers office but Imran can’t understand why Mushtaq has spent so much money on the office refurb when the action is meant to be on the pitch. Mushtaq says he has to impress the press and sponsors too. They are interrupted by Kenny who takes Imran to see the lads in training.

Imran tells Kenny that he’s back to continue the Jilani legacy and bring a different outlook to it. Kenny knows that Mushtaq is really proud of him for doing that but Imran says he wants to work hard and he has to earn the respect of his employees first. Kenny suggests Mushtaq should give him a helping hand but Imran says he can make the business a success by doing it alone.

Shazia is forced to see Dr Hassan at the GP surgery, despite wanting to see another doctor. She’s pulled a muscle in her shoulder. When Dr Hassan asks her to get on to the bed to look at her shoulder, she refuses. However, Dr Hassan insists on examining her and is surprised to see some scars. He asks her whether they are recent. Shazia immediately pulls her cardigan back up and says they are nothing.

Kenny reckons Imran should attend the next social networking event but Imran says he leaves his mum and dad to do the mingling thing. Kenny says he doesn’t particularly like them either but has to go, again for the benefit of Rangers. Mushtaq is ready for lunch but Imran declines; he’s got work to do. Kenny asks Mushtaq how it feels to have young blood waiting to take over his businesses; Mushtaq reminds him he is still the boss of all of them.

Dr Hassan hands a prescription to Shazia and apologises for going to Egypt without explaining. Shazia tells him it’s not the time or place to talk about that, besides he doesn’t owe her anything. As Shazia leaves, Dr Hassan invites her to dinner. Shazia declines, however she eventually agrees on the basis that he will answer his ringing phone and carry on with his work.

Episode written by Amber Lone

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