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Programme Information
 The final Silver Street episode was broadcast on Fri 26 Mar 2010 and the final omnibus on Sun 28 Mar 2010
Episode Synopsis
Wednesday 4th February 2009  Ep 1228

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Jaggy needs help to keep Kesar entertained so visits Sameer. They discuss the recent incidents around the canal. Jaggy thinks they should show these lads that they can’t get away with it but Sameer disagrees. He has a more sympathetic approach since he’s been involved with the Parkside Centre. He doesn’t think harsh accusations will work but Jaggy believes he wouldn’t be taking the softly softly approach if it was Rozena and their kid being threatened. Sameer suggests a meeting with the canalside traders and residents to see what they can do about the situation.

Rozena’s annoyed as she plays Mushtaq a voicemail message that Imran has left when someone calls the office in his absence, he thinks he’s the Chief Executive of everything. Mushtaq finds it funny, Rozena clarifies she just doesn’t want Imran to put so much pressure on himself, she should go and give him a hand but Mushtaq won’t hear any of it. As he heads downstairs he smells baking and discovers Rozena has been cooking, he likes this new domesticated Rozena.

Sameer walks in on Rozena telling Mushtaq that she’d love to see how Imran will manage the year accounts. Mushtaq has faith in him and knows that he will do a good job, time away did him a lot of good. Rozena gets annoyed again when Sameer loves her cake. He later calms her down, she’s not supposed to be worrying about Imran and work. Rozena wishes her dad wouldn’t keep going on about how well a job Imran is doing, he gives her feelings no consideration but she knows it won’t be long before Imran will wonder what he’s got himself into.

Imran’s working on spreadsheets on his laptop at the Golden Crown when Brian walks in. Brian offers to help him as he can see he doesn’t understand what he is doing. Brian explains the spreadsheets to Imran and warns him running an entire chain of shops will be hard work, he needs to walk before he can run. Imran believes in taking a leap of faith, he thinks modernisation is the key to appeal to the younger crowd as well. He’s ready to step up and take charge.

Episode written by Veronique Christie

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