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Programme Information
 The final Silver Street episode was broadcast on Fri 26 Mar 2010 and the final omnibus on Sun 28 Mar 2010
Episode Synopsis
Thursday 29th January 2009  Ep 1224

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Pradeep tells Rita that Jaggy and Sameer had their cars vandalised. It could be the same gang Simran had a run in with before Chritsmas when she was protecting Krishan from them. Rita is shocked they didn’t know about this. What if the gang have been bullying him all this time? Pradeep says he’ll speak to Krishan. Meanwhile Rita should ask Kamla if she knows anything. She was sharing a room with Krishan at that time and might have picked up on something.

Pradeep asks Krishan why he didn’t say anything. Krishan explains he had just left the panto rehearsals when the boys started picking on him. Simran turned up and made things worse. Krishan would simply have run away if anything was going to happen. Krishan adds he has seen the gang since but manages to avoid them. Pradeep tells Krishan its OK to admit to being scared. That’s better to getting in a fight.

Elsewhere Rita wonders if Kamla might be coming home soon but is told Jas and Sean need her here. Rita then tells Kamla about the gang but Kamla didn’t know anything. Rita thinks all this might have had something to do with Krishan wanting to go to boarding school. Kamla is relieved it wasn’t just because he had to share a room with her. Kamla has been watching a series about gangs in America. In her opinion the parents are to blame for their kids turning out that way and they should be punished!

Pradeep calls Rita to say he is heading to the canalside to confront the gang and give them a piece of his mind. Rita asks exactly where he is now and tells him to wait for her. Rita and Kamla are on their way. They head out with Rita telling Pradeep not to do anything stupid. Rita and Kamla soon catch up with him but can’t calm him down. Rita reminds him she works with the police but Pradeep doesn’t think that will achieve anything. They arrive at the canalside but there is no sign of the gang. Rita tells Pradeep he has made his point. Pradeep accepts defeat but tells Rita there’s no knowing what he will do if these boys ever threaten his children again….

Episode written by Ian Kennedy

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