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Programme Information
 The final Silver Street episode was broadcast on Fri 26 Mar 2010 and the final omnibus on Sun 28 Mar 2010
Episode Synopsis
Wednesday 28th January 2009  Ep 1223

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Sean wants to watch TV on but Jas would rather he didn’t as she needs to concentrate on work. The doorbell rings and Jas answers as Sean isn’t dressed yet. Kamla is standing on the doorstep with a suitcase. She has decided to move in for a while. Jas wonders if everything is alright back at the Chauhan house to which Kamla replies she is just giving them a bit of space. Kamla immediately starts making herself at home.

Elsewhere Roopa is listening to a message from Aidan on her voicemail. Aidan claims he is in a lot of pain and the painkillers are useless. He needs some skunk as it’s the only thing that works and he needs Roopa to get it for him! Later Roopa is walking home when Jas calls. Roopa tells her Kamla overheard Krishan saying he doesn’t want to share his room with her. Jas then asks if Roopa has heard from Aidan. Roopa says his parents have been leaving messages wondering why she hasn’t been to see him. Aidan obviously didn’t tell them about Roopa dumping him. Jas reckons he isn’t Roopa’s problem anymore and changes the subject by asking what Roopa might want to do for her 18th birthday. Suddenly Roopa freezes and abruptly ends the call when she sees Aidan’s mum standing outside the house.

As Sean tries to watch daytime TV Kamla bustles around with a duster complaining about the state of the house. She has also started a list of all the things that need fixing round here. Sean switches the TV off and decides its time for him to go to work. Sean returns in a short while to change his shirt and discovers Kamla has done his ironing. To his embarrassment she has even ironed his boxer shorts. Sean takes a shirt and heads off.

Roopa is shocked when she discovers Aidan is claiming he ended things because Roopa’s family were putting on then to finish their relationship. Roopa decides its time Diane heard the truth about her son. Diane refuses to believe Aidan has a drug problem and accuses Roopa of being too immature to handle a relationship. Roopa decides its time to play her trump card. Diane is left shell shocked when Roopa plays her Aidan’s voice message…..

Episode written by Ian Kennedy

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