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Programme Information
 The final Silver Street episode was broadcast on Fri 26 Mar 2010 and the final omnibus on Sun 28 Mar 2010
Episode Synopsis
Monday 19th January 2009  Ep 1216

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Imran is on his way home from the airport and discovers his taxi driver is Chunky’s older brother. Jungli recognises him as Mushtaq Jilani’s son claiming they have the same nose. Jungli then asks Imran about his travels and discovers he has been to Dubai. Jungli claims he almost set up a business there but it didn’t work out. He has this cab business for now but it won’t be for ever. When they arrive, Jungli gives Imran his card as he continues to chatter away. Imran points out they have just driven past the house!

Imran struggles with the lock muttering something about it still not being fixed. He eventually gets it open but is stunned when he receives a thump to the head from Dr Hassan who thinks he is an intruder. Imran tries to explain as the doctor continues to rain blows on him. Imran finally gets through and furiously tells Dr Hassan who he is. Dr Hassan suggests they go inside before the neighbours phone the police.

Dr Hassan suggests an ice pack might stop any bruising but Imran insists there isn’t any. An old gym shoe is hardly a lethal weapon! Dr Hassan wonders why Zenab didn’t mention her son coming to stay at the house. Imran claims it’s a surprise visit and for now, he wants it kept that way. The doctor decides he needs to see some ID and Imran obliges by showing his passport. Dr Hassan offers to let him stay the night. Later the doctor makes a call to Vinnie trying to find out more about his unexpected visitor. He tells Vinnie not to tell anyone Imran is back and returns to the lounge where he discovers Imran overheard him. He explains he just wanted to be careful and offers to take Imran up to the guest room. Imran reminds him the ‘guest room’ used to be his bedroom!

Imran is fast asleep when his mobile rings. He answers saying they might want to check the time difference next time. He then softens his tone saying he’ll speak to his parents soon. He tells the caller not to worry. He will go through with it even if his parents don’t like it….

Episode written by Saman Shad

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