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Programme Information
 The final Silver Street episode was broadcast on Fri 26 Mar 2010 and the final omnibus on Sun 28 Mar 2010
Episode Synopsis
Wednesday 7th January 2009  Ep 1208

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Pradeep has had a day off work to keep an eye on Roopa as Rita is in Leicester. Jas chats to Pradeep saying she’s thinking of staying on in Silverhill until things settle down with Roopa. She’ll find somewhere else to live because Roopa needs space to herself. Pradeep has concerns about her work in America but Jas reassures him, it will be fine.

Diane comes to collect Roopa for the hospital. She’s glad that Roopa is there for Aidan. She senses that Roopa is quiet and apologises for the argument she had with Pradeep. Roopa explains her family can go over the top sometimes but they’re ok really, it can’t be easy for them either. Diane just makes sure that if anything was bothering Roopa, she is all ears.

Jas takes the opportunity to ask Suresh if she can still work on the project by doing the publicity in Europe. She just wants to make sure Roopa’s ok before she returns to New York. Suresh is not entirely pleased, he pulled lots of strings to get her the placement originally but he will talk to his colleagues but she needs to remember the longer she leaves it, the harder it will be to return though.

Pradeep has had another ear bashing from Rita, he should have made up properly with Diane when she knocked on the door for Roopa. They’ll have to think of doing something now. Suresh is finished on the computer and asks Pradeep whether he’d like to have Kamla back. He knows that Kamla prefers it in Silverhill. Pradeep is delighted to have her back if that’s what she wants, after all, she has two homes now. Suresh offers to cover the costs to get her stuff back from New York.

Roopa is alone in the canteen when she is joined by Diane. Roopa is relieved to hear that Aidan’s parents will be staying until he gets back on his feet. Diana asks Roopa again if what Pradeep said was true, that Aidan gets down sometimes? Roopa shrugs it off saying her dad is always fussing, everything is fine.

Episode written by Ian Kennedy

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