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Programme Information
 The final Silver Street episode was broadcast on Fri 26 Mar 2010 and the final omnibus on Sun 28 Mar 2010
Episode Synopsis
Monday 5th January 2009  Ep 1206

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Pradeep takes Roopa to the hospital to see Aidan but before they leave, he asks her if she has college work to do, she has to think about her future too, there is more to life than just Aidan. Roopa says she’s left a message for Aidan’s parents to let them know he’s in hospital but Aidan doesn’t know. Pradeep finds it hard to believe that Aidan doesn’t want his parents to know, he could have been killed. Roopa receives a call from Diane, Aidan’s mother, they’re on their way to the hospital and will meet her there.

Aidan explains to Pradeep that he was trying to fix the tarpaulin on the roof. Pradeep and Jas head to the canteen when Roopa asks if they can have some time alone. Aidan is relieved when they leave, he thinks he did well answering Pradeep’s questions. When Roopa tells Aidan that his parents are on their way, Aidan loses his temper. Considering she goes on about how much her family interfere in her life she’s doing the same in his.

Pradeep is suspicious of Aidan being so positive, saying their story doesn’t add up and Jas noticed that Roopa was twitchy too.

Aidan’s parents walk in as Roopa tells him that he needs help, he could have been killed. Aidan’s parents think he was just being the hero at the community panto. Aidan asks his parents if he and Roopa can have time to themselves so sends them in the direction of canteen where Pradeep and Jas are.

In the canteen, Diane says it’s typical of Aidan trying to cope on his own. Pradeep informs them that he relies on Roopa a lot when he gets down. Diane knows musicians can be like that. The conversation gets heated so Jas implies that Roopa can be fragile too. Jeff says Aidan’s always been self sufficient. Pradeep recalls Glastonbury when Aidan lied to them about not going. Jeff asks Pradeep what he would know of their son and Pradeep asks them the same question.

Episode written by Ian Kennedy

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