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Programme Information
 The final Silver Street episode was broadcast on Fri 26 Mar 2010 and the final omnibus on Sun 28 Mar 2010
Episode Synopsis
Friday 2nd January 2009  Ep 1205

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At the Golden Crown Kuljit wins another game of pool with Sway who’s blaming his lack of concentration on worrying about Aidan’s fall off the Parkside roof. The committee may decide he neglected his health and safety responsibilities by failing to check the attic door was locked after the roofing men had finished. It could result in him losing his job and he’s worried Aidan may decide to sue for damages.

Simran steps out of the salon to catch a customer who’s forgotten her umbrella when a frozen and teary-eyed Roopa walks her past looking very upset. Over a cup of coffee Roopa confides that looking after Aidan is becoming too much for her but he’s still refusing to call his parents to help. However, she’s due to return to college next week and she’s having sleepless nights worrying about how she’s going to cope with doing everything. Speaking as a parent, Simran tells her that the right thing to do is call Aidan’s parents – it may be stressful for them but they need to know.

Meanwhile at the pub Sway’s game of pool is improving when Kuljit’s phone rings with a New Year message from Rachel. He was hoping it would be Ranbir who’s being avoiding him since he gave him his ‘tough love’ routine which seems to have backfired on him. Sway tries to reassure him, pointing out that he’s done so much to help Ranbir and he’ll be back, but Kuljit’s really worried about him and what he’s doing in the meantime.

After Roopa leaves, Simran decides to act on her own advice and deal with her dilemma about Ranbir. She rings Jodie to explain Ranbir may have been amongst the gang that intimidated her although she can’t be sure as they had their faces covered. Jodie points out that the fact that he didn’t do anything doesn’t excuse him, he should have stopped his mates from harassing Simran.

As soon as Kuljit returns home for lunch Jodie tells him Simran’s suspicions about Ranbir and suggests that he talks to him before he gets into serious trouble. Kuljit blames himself for messing up and letting Ranbir down as his mentor; he should have kept him away from stuff like that, not driven him to it.

Episode written by Sukhbender Singh

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