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Programme Information
 The final Silver Street episode was broadcast on Fri 26 Mar 2010 and the final omnibus on Sun 28 Mar 2010
Episode Synopsis
Tuesday 30th December 2008  Ep 1202

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Shazia is delighted when Zak and Dr Masud return from Hajj safely. She was worried about her father’s health during the trip and thanks Zak for taking good care of him.

Elsewhere, Roopa storms into Arun’s flat and demands to know what he’s told their parents about Aidan’s fall. Arun denies saying anything and they begin to argue over Aidan’s use of strong drugs which Arun thinks almost put Roopa’s life in danger. She insists that he’s given them up and it was nerves that made him mess up the music at the pantomime and goes on to blame him for Aidan’s fall, convinced that he scared him by playing the tough big brother and making him lose his footing.

As Shazia unwraps her presents from Mecca she hopes her father didn’t over do it but Dr Masud believes should anything have happened to him then he couldn’t have been in a better place to meet his Maker. He convinces her that he’s not going anywhere until she has found the right man though. The doorbell goes and it’s Arun who’s heard of their return. When Zak and Arun are alone Zak admits that he feels strange being back in Silverhill as it doesn’t feel like home anymore. Arun fills him in about Aidan’s fall from the Parkside roof and how Roopa blames him for the accident. He thinks there was something weird about Aidan that night as if he’d been taking something other than just a few puffs on a joint.

Whilst Dr Masud takes a nap Shazia talks to Zak about his experiences in Mecca and he confides that although it was amazing he wasn’t sure he was ready for it, although it made him realise how important his family is and thinks he may visit his parents in Pakistan. Shazia can see that he still misses Fatima and recalls feeling scared after her divorce that she’d never be close to anyone again. She reassures him that there’s someone out there for him. Zak believes that Shazia will find somebody else too and that Dr Hassan seems a decent man. Shazia’s only trouble is when she finds somebody she likes, her hopes are dashed or she scares them off.

Episode written by Sukhbender Singh

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