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Programme Information
 The final Silver Street episode was broadcast on Fri 26 Mar 2010 and the final omnibus on Sun 28 Mar 2010
Episode Synopsis
Monday 29th December 2008  Ep 1201

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Aidan’s laid up in hospital after his fall from the Parkside roof, sustaining a broken collarbone, a broken hand and a broken arm. He’s worried that his hand and arm injuries mean he won’t be able to play his guitar properly again but Roopa says the doctors say there shouldn’t be any long term damage. Aidan thanks Roopa for being around and doesn’t know what he would do without her. Roopa’s still mad with him for smoking cannabis though - he could have died from his fall. Later Aidan worries about the gossip in Silverhill surrounding his fall but Roopa’s already thought up a story about him securing plastic sheeting come undone by the wind.

Sean returns to the pub from visiting Siobhan and her family in Manchester at Christmas and plans on doing something for New Year’s Eve with a ‘wow’ factor. He isn’t too impressed when Mary suggests playing it safe and holding a Spanish night but they’ve already got the props and decorations and he’ll have plenty of other nights to organise in the future. Mary asks him to involve Bill in the preparations, as she’s worried he’s withdrawing further into himself. She’s doing her best to be patient and understanding but it’s proving hard work. Sean promises to try but he doubts if he’ll persuade him.

After lunch Mary mentions she’s calling on Mani before heading back to the shop and Bill complains that she’s spending a lot of time with him. She’s angry that he’s trying to make her feel guilty for having a life of her own. She understands it’s not easy but sitting around watching television isn’t helping him; he needs to return to some normality. But his old world doesn’t exit for Bill anymore and he’s too depressed to see what he’s doing to Mary and their marriage.

At the hospital Roopa asks if they should let Aidan’s parents know he’s in hospital but he rejects the idea, as they’re in poor health and it would upset them to see him like that. Roopa wonders who’s going to look after Aidan after he’s discharged from hospital, and on hearing Aidan’s reply that she is, blurts out that she’s got her college studies. Aidan shocks and upsets her when she’s accused of being selfish.

Episode written by Sukhbender Singh

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