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Programme Information
 The final Silver Street episode was broadcast on Fri 26 Mar 2010 and the final omnibus on Sun 28 Mar 2010
Episode Synopsis
Friday 26th December 2008  Ep 1200

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An ambulance pulls up outside the Parkside Centre. One of the paramedics is on his radio saying the police are in attendance. It looks like a suspected jumper. The paramedics jump out and Sameer shows Jack to where Aidan is lying on the ground. Jack tries talking to him but there is no response. He then asks Sameer if anyone saw what happened. Sameer says Aidan’s girlfriend was with him but Roopa is nowhere to be seen.

Roopa is standing on the roof sobbing as Rita and Pradeep shout up to her. Jack wants everyone to move back in case the roof tiles start to fall. Rita refuses to leave Roopa despite Sameer’s efforts. Pradeep rushes towards the paramedics who are putting Aidan on a stretcher. He wants to know how long it’ll be before Roopa is rescued. Jack says a call has been put out to the fire brigade and they won’t be long. Pradeep decides he is going to get Roopa himself. Sameer physically restrains him saying he’ll only make things worse. Pradeep shouts it’s his child up there – how could Sameer possible understand how that feels!

Roopa is leaving several messages on Aidan’s phone. She knows it’s mad to be calling him now but he should know she is here for him even if when stuck on the roof. One day they’ll listen back to all these stupid message and laugh. Roopa reminisces about all the good and bad times they’ve had together. Aidan is the first man she has ever really loved and she shouldn’t ever forget that.

Back on the ground Rita is saying she’ll never forgive Aidan if anything happens to Roopa. What the hell has he done to her? Sameer suggests someone should go in the ambulance with Aidan but Rita retorts she’s more worried about her daughter. Sameer tells an unconscious Aidan he is going to be OK and they are trying to track down his parents. Back on the roof Roopa is wishing she could go in the ambulance with Aidan. She’ll be there as soon as she can to hold his hand. She finishes her message by telling him again that she loves him and asking him to call her…..

Episode written by Kim Revill

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