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Programme Information
 The final Silver Street episode was broadcast on Fri 26 Mar 2010 and the final omnibus on Sun 28 Mar 2010
Episode Synopsis
Thursday 25th December 2008  Ep 1199

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Arun is still trying to find Aidan and searches all of the rooms backstage including the girls changing rooms! However unbeknownst to him Aidan is up in the attic. He has barricaded the door and is manically singing lines from his song ‘Wicked Game’. Roopa is outside frantically trying to get into the room. As she pushes at the door it finally gives way and she discovers Aidan sat in the corner singing to himself. It’s cold as the wind is blowing in and she tries to give him her jacket. Aidan tells her that the people in his head won’t stop going on. When the audience below laughs at the panto he thinks that they are laughing at him. He puts his hands over his ears and continues to wail and chant. The thunder and lightening spooks him and he starts pacing about the attic shouting that ‘they’ are coming. He starts to clamber up onto the roof. Roopa tries to stop him as it’s dangerous up there but he pushes her onto the ground and continues to climb.

Up on the roof Aidan is talking to himself. He feels he can breathe better. Roopa pleads with him to come in as it’s slippery up there. She tries to talk him down but he refuses to listen. Roopa makes a decision if he’s not coming down then she’ll go up onto the roof and get him herself.

Roopa tries to make Aidan come away from the edge and her talking seems to be working as he admits that he’s scared. She tries to calm him down and asks him to give her his hand. Roopa tells Aidan that she’s not letting him go and that they’ll be able to do it together. She tells him that she trusts him with her life, after all if he slips now he’ll take him with her. Aidan is just about to climb down when Arun finally finds them.

Arun shouts from the attic and tells Aidan to get his hands off his sister. This spooks Aidan and he backs off calling Roopa a bitch, thinking that she set him up. Roopa desperately asks Arun to leave them alone but he refuses and demands that she goes back inside before he drags her back himself. Aidan starts to move closer to the edge and Roopa moves off after him whilst Arun begs her to leave Aidan and come inside. As Roopa moves towards Aidan she loses her footing and Arun shouts her name. Aidan, unnerved by Arun’s outburst, stumbles and slips over the edge of the roof. All Roopa can do is scream his name.

Episode written by Kim Revill

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