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Programme Information
 The final Silver Street episode was broadcast on Fri 26 Mar 2010 and the final omnibus on Sun 28 Mar 2010
Episode Synopsis
Tuesday 16th December 2008  Ep 1192

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Kuljit tells Jodie he might have a go at remixing Mani’s old tabla records. As they chat Kuljit’s phone rings. He is shocked to see Ranbir’s name flashing and wonders what he wants. Jodie reckons there’s only one way to find out but Kuls thinks he is the last person Ranbir needs right now. Kuljit should have encouraged him to learn to read but instead has let Ranbir think he can walk into any job without qualifications. Kuljit should have prepared him for the real word but only succeeded in setting him up for a fall. Ranbir is leaving a message when he is approached by Tyrone who he used to sit with in class. Ranbir asks what he’s doing round here. Tyrone says he has an ASBO in his area so thought he and the gang thought they would check Silverhill out instead. Ranbir tells them he works in the recording studio but they aren’t impressed. Tyrone suggests Ranbir is an idiot for working when he could hang out with them instead. They walk off jeering.

Sameer tells Jodie that Sway has two days to clear the Parkside attic room so the council can mend the roof. Maybe Kuljit could pop along and help Sway later? Sameer adds some of the stuff up there is from when Mani ran the place. This gets Jodie thinking.

At the studio Ranbir tells Kuljit he wants them to have a fresh start but isn’t prepared for Kuljit’s reaction. Kuljit says he is sorry but Ranbir can’t work here anymore. He just can’t employ someone who isn’t qualified. Ranbir heads out in a daze where he runs into Tyrone and the gang again. Later Kuljit and Jodie are working on the attic room. Jodie tells Kuljit she hopes she might find a spare copy of Mani’s old records to replace the ones she burnt when she fell out with Mani. Suddenly they hear some loud bangs at a distance. Unknown to them it’s Ranbir destroying a bus shelter while the gang look on laughing. A police siren is getting closer. The gang decide to run off and Tyrone wants to know if Ranbir is coming with them….

Episode written by Kim Revill

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