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Programme Information
 The final Silver Street episode was broadcast on Fri 26 Mar 2010 and the final omnibus on Sun 28 Mar 2010
Episode Synopsis
Monday 15th December 2008  Ep 1191

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Shazia is at Bradys News putting up pantomime posters and tells Mary they still need to cast Abanazar. Mary suggests Dr Hassan but is told he will be away. Suddenly Shazia rushes off saying she just had a thought of her own. Elsewhere Vinnie thinks more people might be interested if the script was shorter. Zenab is disagreeing when Shazia rushes in saying she has found a potential Abanazar. Zenab tries to hide her dismay when Vinnie explains Shazia is their Stage Manager. Elsewhere Mary is suggesting Bill might do it. It’s just what he needs after all that business with Fatima’s accident. Bill can’t believe it. Does Mary really think getting booed and hissed at by the entire community will make him feel better?

Back at Parkside all sorts of user groups are auditioning for ways in which they can be involved. Zenab is wondering how line dancing could possibly fit and then the Single Mothers group start a raunchy dance. Zenab has seen enough but Shazia thinks some of it could be fun if they use their imagination. The yoga group start their performance next. Zenab wonders how long this is going on for! Shazia suggests a grand finale at the end of the show might be a way of incorporating all the groups but Zenab thinks this would be chaos. She adds Shazia is only interested in a community panto because they are potential voters. Shazia is an MP after all and has to consider her public profile. Only yesterday Zenab heard gossip about her and Dr Hassan from Aunty Muneera. Zenab sweetly insists she warned her not to spread such things as they could do Shazia a lot of harm.

Mary is finishing her call to Siobhan when Bill returns from the butchers. Mary is cooking an Irish stew tonight and suggests taking some round to Mani too. It will help build his strength back up. Bill mutters something about Mary being a proper Florence Nightingale these days. Mary tells Bill he needs to move on. Zak has come to terms with Fatima’s death by performing a pilgrimage in Mecca. Bill reckons it will take more than prayers to get this mess out of his head. Life just isn’t that simple!

Episode written by Kim Revill

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