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Programme Information
 The final Silver Street episode was broadcast on Fri 26 Mar 2010 and the final omnibus on Sun 28 Mar 2010
Episode Synopsis
Wednesday 10th December 2008  Ep 1188

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There is still no sign of Dr Masud. Zak thinks Munir should go back to his own tent as his family must be wondering where he is. Munir tells Zak there is no family. He travelled to Hajj alone as part of an overland caravan after bribing officials to get the visa. There were dangers involved but they had people protecting them. Zak is amazed. To think he was complaining about his flight being delayed! Munir suggests Zak get some sleep but is told he won’t do that until Dr Masud is back safe.

Over in the US tents Dr Masud has been looked after by Justin and is feeling much better. He wants to get back to Zak who must be worried sick. Justin says it’s tricky getting around in the dark and offers to accompany him. As they walk Justin explains how he converted to Islam after a trip to Turkey. Dr Masud thinks Zak and Justin will have a lot in common as they are of a similar age. Justin thinks its good so many young people come to do Hajj these days and wonders what Zak’s motivation is.

Munir tells Zak his wife was killed by a bomb five years ago and this pilgrimage is for her. As they chat Shazia rings Munir’s phone. Zak explains he lost his mobile and that’s why he texted her on a friend’s number. Shazia wants to have a quick word with her dad to make sure he is coping. Zak hastily says Dr Masud is out with some of his new friends. Zak will get him to ring when he returns. It means a lot to Shazia that Zak is with her dad despite the fact that Fatima must be on his mind right now. When he hangs up Munir asks who Fatima is. Zak explains she was his wife but died recently. They used to talk about doing Hajj together.

Zak is relieved when Dr Masud finally appears with Justin. He explains how he fell asleep when Zak went to find the information point. Dr Masud heads off to ring Shazia with Zak suggesting he doesn’t mention his little ‘adventure’. Justin remarks on how strong willed Dr Masud is. He would love to know his secret. Zak agrees. Justin suggests it’s not that complicated. Dr Masud just knows his fate his in God’s hands….

Episode written by Kris Kenway

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