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Programme Information
 The final Silver Street episode was broadcast on Fri 26 Mar 2010 and the final omnibus on Sun 28 Mar 2010
Episode Synopsis
Friday 5th December 2008  Ep 1185

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Arun and Zak are at Chunkys talking about Roopa and Aidan. Zak tells Arun that he’s got to get used to seeing Roopa with him, he had to get used to Nadia and Sway being together.

Shazia helps her dad to pack for his trip to Mecca. Dr Masud is keen to talk about Iqbal. Shazia knows her father is dying to know whether they got on. Shazia tells her dad that Iqbal was nice enough but they just don’t have much in common.

Zak visits Fatima’s headstone, he never thought he’d be going to Mecca without her but he knows that she will be with him in spirit. Arun reassures Zak that he and Sean will keep Fatima’s headstone tidy in his absence. Zak is touched.

Shazia is annoyed when she searches for her dad’s flight tickets only to discover his list of potential suitors for her. She is shocked to find out that even Brian Cavanaugh is on the list. Dr Masud blames Mary for that one! Shazia is even more flabbergasted when she realises Mary was in on it too, She shouts at her dad for conspiring behind her back. Dr Masud apologises saying he was trying to make up for what Aram did and he simply doesn’t want her to be alone. Shazia is still annoyed when she opens the door to Dr Hassan but she later apologises to her dad for shouting, he shouldn’t blame himself for what happened with Akram.

Shazia makes sure Zak will look after her dad and never tell him what to do because he will do the opposite! Dr Hassan gives Dr Masud a prayer for his mother and Dr Masud apologises to him for being rude when they first met, he was just having problems adjusting to retirement! Dr Masud hopes Dr Hassan will pop round to check how Shazia is getting on. As Dr Masud and Zak get into the taxi, he makes Shazia promise that she will call Dr Hassan if she needs help, he’s not so bad and he thinks a lot of her. As their taxi drives off, she tells Dr Hassan not to hold his breath.

Episode written by Kim Revill

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