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Programme Information
 The final Silver Street episode was broadcast on Fri 26 Mar 2010 and the final omnibus on Sun 28 Mar 2010
MeMy Family
By Krishan Chauhan, class 4

My name is Krishan Chauhan and I am nine years old. That's me on the right. I live with my family in Silver Street. There are eight people in my house - me, my Mum and Dad, my Ba, Uncle Jai and my brother and sisters Arun, Jas and Roopa. This is what they all look like - I caught them by surprise with my polaroid camera which is why they all look so shocked!
My Ba Mum and Dad
This is my Ba. She's lovely. Sometimes I sleep in her room downstairs - it makes me feel safe. After we were burgled Ba was very sad and went to India, but now she's come back to Silver Street for good and says she'll read me stories whenever I want!
Mum and Dad
This is my Mum and Dad. They've been married for ever! Dad's really cool. He takes me with him to the allotments and watches me play football. Mum's always busy - she goes to college now. She calls me her baby but I'm nine years old and I can look after myself.
Uncle Jai Arun
My favourite Uncle Jai
Uncle Jai is Mum's brother. He's the coolest person I know. He's been to loads of places and has loads of cool stories, like when he rugby-tackled a shoplifter in town! I'm his favourite nephew. He helps me with my homework. I want to be just like him when I grow up.
My big brother Arun is 16. He thinks he's really cool but he hasn't even got a girlfriend! He wants to be a famous DJ and he's got his own decks, but I think his music's rubbish. Jas and Mum always shout at him for playing it too loud but he just ignores them.
Roopa Jas
My dippy sister Roopa
Roopa always picks on me. She thinks she's really grown up but she's only 14. She sings and dances in her room all the time. She thinks she's going to be famous like Beyonce but she's got no chance. I can sing better than her - she sounds like a cat!
My big sister Jas
Jas is really clever. She goes to University. I want to go there when I'm older too. I reckon I'll make it easy - I'm already the cleverest in my class at school. Jas wants to be a news reporter one day and I think she'd be really good at it  - she's so nosy!
To catch up with what the Chauhan family are up to now listen to Silver Street at 9.20am and 7.20pm daily on the BBC Asian Network or read about the latest episodes here.
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