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Programme Information
 The final Silver Street episode was broadcast on Fri 26 Mar 2010 and the final omnibus on Sun 28 Mar 2010
The ResidentsBack to the Chart
Sandra LesterSandra Lester
Played by Anita Dobson

DOB: 12th August 1960: 
FAMILY : Husband - Kenny, Son - Darren
LIVES: In a 'posh' house just outside of Silverhill
WORK: Sandra helps out with PR/Marketing at Silverhill Rangers football club
CHARACTER: Witty, tactile, worldly wise and funny, Sandra is also a passionate and caring woman who unfortunately gets taken for granted at home. Despite this Sandra is always happy to lend an ear to someone who needs to talk. Sandra went through depression when her son Darren was imprisoned for a racist attack. She just wants to be loved and appreciated.


"Kenny might be a good football manager but when it came to delivering as a husband - he was way out of the game. Then there's my Darren. First he ruins his career by getting banged up for beating someone senseless (he isn't racist like they said though) and then he gets out and spends all his time moping around. Honestly. What's a girl to do? Well, I told Kenny enough is enough. I'll always love him but we just can't carry on together. It was strange, going back to the single life after so long. But I'm not looking back.

It's a good job I've got Silverhill Rangers to turn to. I mean its only a bit of PR and Marketing but I'd probably go mad if I wasn't kept busy. Darren's doing well playing for Silverhill Rangers - he's become a bit of a role model actually, really grown up. And he's put all the negative stuff behind him. I'm proud of him.

And I'm glad Brian and I can just be open about our relationship now. It hurt me when he went all cold, but i suppose he was just protecting himself after I got cold feet about leaving Kenny. He's come to his senses now though. But he knows I left Kenny for me, no one else. I'll admit, I missed having Brian there to chat to and, well you know, just be able to share my feelings with- not much chance of that with Kenny! 

Right, gotta dash now. I'm due at the club to do a bit of schmoozing with the sponsors. No more sitting on the sofa feeding Kenny a beer, I'm a busy independent woman."
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