Tigerstyle Ft. Bikram Singh Heer [Nachural]
    Panjabi MC Dreaming (Adham Shaikh’s Dreaming in 4D Remix) [Delhi 2 Dublin]
    Transglobal Underground Dancehall Operator (RCola Mix) [Mule Satellite]
    Manuel Perez Feever (DJ Mourad Carthage Remix) [Lace Recording]
    Orange & Blue Deep Emotion [Cadence Recordings]

    UHT vs N.O.H.A Cretan Star [No Fridge]
    I Awake Ft. Krister Linder Inferno [Ultimae]

    Les Boukakes Oummi [Atlas Music Pro]
    Cheikh Lo Set (Celanliness) [World Circuit]

    Dubtrak Dark River Tribe (Lost In Time) [White]

    Eccodek Behind The Mask [White Swan Records]
    Kasbah Rockers Fikou [Barraka 2008]
    Eccodek Voices Have Eyes [White Swan Records]
    Delhi 2 Dublin Stage (Eccodek’s One Drop Remix) [Independent]
    Eccodek Lover’s Lament [White Swan Records]

    Prithpal Sirjeet Ft. Abi Quiet Brutality [Buzz-erk]
    Orient Expressions Angels [Doublemoon Records]

    Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit Will You Be There [White]

    Azaxx Zorbanissimo [Tru Thoughts]
    Hibernation Some Things Never Change [Aleph Zero Records]

    Usha Uthup I Feel Love [V2]

    Nanda Bass Mystic [Muti Music]
    Ramadanman Humber (Sven Weisemann’s Rumber Remix) [Apple Pips]
    Anjali Aurora [White]

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       World Odyssey Mix


    The final World Odyssey Mix is hosted by Pathaan.

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