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Playlist: 08|07|07



Bandish Projekt Ft. Dr Das
Pragat Pritam [Promo]
Hybrid I Choose Noise (Elite Force Mix) [Distinctive Records]
Bebel Gilberto So Nice (Layo & Bushwacka Terrace Mix) [Crammed/East West]
Notecrusher The Fourth Estate [Break Left Records]
Freefall Collective Noodlegun [Resin Records]
Karsh Kale & The MIDIval Punditz Synchronicity [Six Degrees]
Azam Ali Endless Riverie (Bentley & Smith Remix) [Six Degrees]
Ashtech Plain Speaking [Sub Signal]

***Stopover: Turkey***
Sultan Veled
Peshrev In Maqam Ajem [Arc Music]
Oojami Boom Shinga Ling [CIA Web]
Mercan Dede Ab-I Hayat (Transglobal Underground Remix) [Doublemoon]


Sufani (Remix) [Promo]
Kush Arora Ft. Zulu Spread The Word [Record Label Records]
Buscemi Sahib Balkan [Atlantic Jaxx]
Beastie Boys Suco De Tangerina [Capitol/Parlophone]

***Classic Not Forgotten***
Black Star Liner
Duggie Dhol Caffrey Stretch Out [EXP]

Fusing Naked Beats Psychotropic [st Play Records]
Oi Va Voi Yuri [V2]
U-Cef Hamdou’llah feat UK Apache [Promo]

*** World Odyssey Mix: Abdul Smooth***
Sebastian Aberg
Horiro Rang [Country & Eastern]
Bandish Projekt Vande Mataram (Paath Shala Version) [Bheja Fry Records]
Sharmaji Dhere Jalna (Remix) [white label]
Midival Punditz Kesariya [Six Degrees]
Shoba Gurtu Dil Lekemuijhe Baadnam Kiva (Momentum Dev'N'Dub Mix) [First Contact Records]
Nataraj XT Cruising On A6 [NuTone]
Xpress-2 Angel [Sony Music]
Banco De Gaia Obsidian [Six Degrees]
Zohar Let There Be Light [Copeland International Arts]
Joi Forget Me Not (Real World)
Loop Guru Strawberry Girl (Independant Release; Loop Guru '06]


Sara Tavares
One Love [World Connection]
Temple Of Sound Globalhead [Namaste/KOCH]

*** Bombay Connection ***
Mr India
Hawa Hawaii [T-Series]

Djinn Ft. Sonia Panesar All Or Nothing [Djinn Music]
The Future Sound Of London Lizard Crawl [Jumpin’ and Pumpin’]

**** A Classical Moment ***
Niladri Kumar
Heartbeats [Sona Rupa]

David Lowe Inside [Oval Music]

*** Sunset Soundtrack ***
Aurora [Hoots Records/Chillcode Records/Chill Tribe Records]

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       World Odyssey Mix


    The final World Odyssey Mix is hosted by Pathaan.

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