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Summer Melas 2004
Summer Melas 2004 >> 24 Hour Reviews

24 Hour Reviews
CrowdsThroughout the summer of 2004 BBC Asian Network was live across the UK at the Melas. You posted your reviews of the Mela season.

Your Comments

Salina - London
O! my god we saw Kami-K on stage he was fab he rocked the whole Mela, Mits was great he had all the crowd jumping he looks real nice can not wait to see you again babes.....

edinburgh mela was off the hook, as far as munda's go, the talent was second to none!! big ups to the vips mela after party,fair to say the crowd was the best yet,definately a mela to catch for 2005!!

aisha eastham london
big up 2 mc drilla his 2 buff and a heavy mc 2 lots of love and kisses 2 u and keep up wid da good work.....

i fink raghav was da best performer

hifza, london
London mela 2004 was heavy, all families had a chance to go out and enjoy themselves and see all their fav singers!

Pooja, Bristol
Bristol mela was wicked .. the performers were great and it was really well done .. bollywood dancers were great

Hannel Leicester
London Mela was the best! I met Raghav backstage he looked so damn hot! Can't believe I met him. Thanks to the lady who gave me her pass! I owe her! His voice is amazing! Raghav is the BEST! Love Ya Raghav!

Adil London
Respect fest was heavi. The best dis year Rish rich were proper phat.

Respect festival and Manchester mela have to be da best this year Rishi Rich Project, RDB, Raghav, Hunterz... not forgeting the Asian Network Team at Respect festival. enuff respect.

Went to East London and Slough mela, saw 3 girlz called Serese who were heavy!! As far as i cud tell, they were the only ones who sang live, nuff respect.

jincy bristol mela
IT WAS FAB! had a wicked time!! i luvd juggy d and raghav.. I hope its better next yr!! cant wait!

$ha - Newport
Bristol mela was heavy juggy d, rishi rich really got the crowd going. Was a top mela, top day, and o top galz ;-)

Blackburn mela rocked. Loads of peepz there silinder pardasi was good but da best was raghav! I am so lucky coz i went back stage 2 meet him an gave him a bunch of roses. I luv him!

Novi Mangat, Slough Mela
Damn Raghav is hot, his voice is sexy and he makes me melt. The mela was off the chain! Total madness, Wicked!

Omar, London
The london mela 2004 was by far the best, even the mayor came, and Raghav also came... but the best performance was the Rishi Rich Project by far. Oh yeah and not to forget there was also Bobby Friction and Nihal.

Soni kuri
Manchester mela was HEAVI enuff bad acts on d stage!(Rdb and Hunterz were heavi) nuff fit lads.

In all these melas, Rishi Rich, Raghav and all other bands were not performing Live and so they are NOT PERFORMERs/ARTISTS.They were playing their CDs and they were betraying the audience.

priya east london
East London Mela was heavy! Raghav was da best! He luks sooooo gud!

Sonia - LONDON
The Kami K Crew smashed it at the Melas, his crew was brill and Mits looked great on your stage... Wicked performance can't wait to c u again

shuga london
east london mela woz ok but i w8d ALL DAY 4 raghav 2 cum n in da end i had 2 leave wivout seein him. sum1 tel me how he woz!!

BaD GyAl
yo yo wass happenin ppl?? da slough mela was da bomb enuff fit lads der n kami K n ppl made da crowd WILD! respect

tina east london
hey, i cant wait for east london mela...raghav, phs, khiza, i'm so exited! hope you guys come!!!!

huddz mela woz or8 cud av been betta der wer fit boiz der and i found mr right :D

I went to London Mela and I found all the bands sounded pants except STRINGS who performed Bollywood. Anuradha was a good singer and the music was excellent

herbs from london
the GLA mela was great..great fun to have Raghav there and other artists like Juggy D, Jay Sean.... it was great fun. Raghav you rock man

minnie bradford
I got 2 say bradford mela is simply da best. it is 1 ov da best melaz in europe. raghav was xtrmly wikd, lukd HOT 2!! shezad roy was xcelant and manake was fab..... An bradford guyz are soo cute (well i fink so). plus i met a guy hu is now my boyfrend.... bin 2 da leedz an manchester mela and compared 2 dat ourz iz simply da best!!!!!!!!!!!!

moe slough
I think slough waz wiked. cnt test the slough massive specially the chalvey crew big up respect to the chalvey nutterz

rajni kingston
hey east london mela waz kickin it was fab, raghav lkd fit as usual including rishi rich project and mc drilla

I'm a proud indian and thoroughly enjoyed the mela in Peterborough, but i wish the artists including Raghav did not have to rely so much on trying to emulate black artists and music in every possible way. Can we not do something in our own right instead of trying to be pale imitations of the real thing? We're not doing anything new as it's all been done before by american R n B artists. We've got more to offer than that! Having said that, i'm looking forward to next year, but hopefully with more originality.

hannah, london
im goin to ealin mela 2moro, its goin be hevy cant wait to see raghav and his buffnesssssssssss

manchesta mela rocked!!! it ws proper heavy the best 1 i had bin 2!! raghav and metz & trix wer jst brilliant!! but the best part ws al the buff and beautiful girls (only the ones that wer out of town not manchester girls)

Zahra Manchester
Manchester mela was wicked. I loved gubi and hunterz performance. Plenty of fit lads were there!

singh @ leeds
i think leeds mela shud stop 4ever cuz loads of fights break out - the stars get bottles throw @ em. I wont b going again

Mrs Raghav
Manchester mela was wicked. All d artists who came were heavy especially Rdb!

Slough Mela was da best..Packed out and it had da best line many tick gals aswell.

keeran london
slough mela was gud, was raghav there coz sum nex guy came on last, i only went for raghav, tell me if he was there.

Zeb Manchester
Manchester mela was heavy.. truly enjoyed it.. hunterz n hiz bro were brill, metz n trix looked fit, stereo nation did good.. raj da prezenta was the best!

Manchester MELA ROCKED!

Sairah & Sophia Preston
Preston mela rocked dis yr espesh silinder and his band!!!espesh TONY! SO FITT frm silinder's band! gr8 crowd and blakburn mela 2002 was also wkd!

*~*AnGeL*~* - SlOuGh
de slough mela was phat ppl...raghav did turn up rite in de mela was wiked great day n wiked best was Rishi Rich project, veronica was there n dere performance was heavy...juggy d is buff

slough mela was deep all the acts that performed were ill. hope 2 c slough mela happenin again next year!

davina, peterborough
pboro mela was wickd! raghav was so hot n juggy d rocked da stage!! they saved da best 4 last RAGHAV was so gd! big up 2 all da ova acts hu were dere!

babygyal- kingston
hey ppl...slough mela was da best mela ever i have seen....jay n NRG rock da stage....even thou some ppl want 2 have fight..selfish......other wise wicked!

Narinder Manchester
Manchester mela was wicked. Raghav stunned d crowd and RDB and gubi sandhu were heavy. Manchester city college girls who were doing mehndi at the mela were fantastic. A big thanks to BBC Asian network for all their work towards the melas.

farah peterborough
da pbo mela ws wickd raghav da bst - lukd fit as alwyz jus wna say hp nxt yr iz da sm

rajni london
hey slough mela waz heavy but i left at da near end can any 1 tell me if raghav was there caus he iz ma man but som1 else came on and they said it was da last act so can som1 plz tell me.......

Mela was wicked although we didn't get round to surfing the shole front row seats and saw the acts...the guys need to chill out and cut out on jus gives dem a bad name! xx

Kami-K & his crew were hectic. They made the crowd jump and were the highlight of the whole performances. KAMI-K U ROCK!!

maryam lundun
Oi peeps da slough mela was live.. kami k and mc drilla blasted da show dey wer evi it was da best mela i eva bin 2 perfect day 4 da family!!! had great fun also great artists performed..JAWAD AHMED WOOOOOO

Attia Manchester
Manchester mela was heavy! The crowd was kickin and Raghav looked fit as usual, Gubi Sandhu took the crowd by storm. Also there were many fit guyz I liked and spoke to.

Mariya Leicester
Manchester mela was HEAVY! One of d best so far! Raghav looked well fit and he stole the show 4 every 1, Gubi Sandhu kicked the mela very wicked. It was a great day with lots of sun, fun and mouthwatering food!

Stoke Mela has got to be the best, plenty of A list celebs were there, it was wicked!

Tariq Bham
I went down to Manchester mela, it was heavy, big up 2 all dat came. raghav, rdb and gubi sandhu took the crowd by storm nough respect to dem Gubi sandhu next release soul to soul or sometin like dat the tracks were heavy. The whole atmosphere was great and live and loads of fit gals.

Naima-Slough mela
slough mela was heavy, live and kicking it was massive...raghav was looking cute

Kristina, Slough
The Slough Mela was wicked, the weather was great, but the people who ruined it were the idiots jumping around and hurting people by throwing bottles. The security should be alot stricter. But the day was phat.

mariam london
da east london mela was hevyyy likeee!! bare chungness! and da slough mela!!

Mucha from Birmingham
Cannon Hill Park Eid Mela was wicked, the whole place was kicking, it was worth going to. Can't wait for the next mela, its one I wouldn't miss and its definitely recommended to all u people out there. Enough respect.

Sohail Bham
Eid mela in cannon hill park was heavy, although there was a lack of d main artists next time more of the big named artists should come it was a great day and i met some fit gals.

sania peterborough
the peterborough mela was massive especially wen all da big acts appeared on stage on sunday 25th jul. kami k got the crowd going. it was massive.

Raj Bham
Bradford mela was heavy and was probably the best, silinder performed well and RDB blasted the crowd with their heavy tracks it was a great day and with lots of fit gals. Going down to manchester mela on the weekend to see how that goes.

Feizann Birmingham
Respect festival was the biggest and heaviest mela Rishi Rich Projects performance was heavy and apache indian was the main man big up to u. All u folks make sure ur down manchester mela in plattfield park it is going to be heavy make sure u all are there!

Manny Blackburn
I attended the Blackburn Mela this year and felt that it lacked the electric atmosphere of previous years when it was based at Corporation Park. For next year the organisers should consider setting out the activities in a more compact manner, based around the main stage. However saying all that, one thing that the organisers did get right this year were the musical acts and bands that performed, in comparison to previous years. It was nice to be entertained by someone other than Stereo Nation this year!!! for me the pick of the bunch was Hunterz.

sanj from glasgow
I have been visiting melas up and down the country and this year i went to the founder and bench mark of all melas Leicester. It started in 1983 and has started a trend which has swept the country. They must be comended on the event, as they have limited funds and recive no direct funding and self fund. A remarkable family event, i advise other melas to look at what Leicester do and it will enhance the quality of their own events. Well done Leicester!

Kam Birmingham
respect festival was d best it was heavy, juggy d and raghav rocked d crowd big up 2 both of dem and nuf respect... looking forward 2 manchester mela on the 31/07/04 it should be a big one.

Safeer London
Big Up All Da Folks That Came 2 Respect 2004. It Was Ghetto. Rishi Rich Project And Apache Indian Were The Peeps To Storm The Crowd To a High Level So Respect To All Of Them And BBC Asian network

the blackburn mela was heavy!! fit ladz n raghav waz lookin hot as usual!!

Jas, Blackburn
Blackburn mela was wicked, the atmosphere was live and Silinder Pardesi rocked the stage with his live band! Keep it up! I even won a signed Silinder Pardesi poster for being one of the best dancers. How cool is that! Excellent venue and hot weather, i think this was one of the best melas of all time!

Bash, blackburn
blackburn mela was just heavy - hunterz, shezad roy, raghav and silinder pardesi rocked it shezad roys da man

East London Mel was great. Food atmosphere and fantastic music. Really good. So many different kinds of people, so many things happening, it was as hectic as Karachi/Bombay!

The Bradford Mela was da best and it was wicked, Raghav and Rdb crew were da best but when Shehzad Roy came on stage, everyone went crazy!!!!

There was only one person who took the mela by strom....Apache Indian! He has still got it! Respect to him!

the mela in nottigham was heavy and there were lots of fit lads there

rima bham
the mela da bom, raghaav looking fit as usual.

apache indian, ma main man at respect - he is gonna rck da mela

i fink bradford mela rockd n' thr was a guy called liaqat from leeds thr and i've bn seein him since tht day honest i've found a boyfrnd

I fink slough mela rockz i kno i aint asian but i love the guyz as they were soooooo fit u kno wht i mean man? i fell in love with one and dont kno who he is ...

The lesta mela was ace on saturday cos Raghav was there HAI HAI but sunday was not that good with sonu nugam coming for like 5 mins and not performing but at least i shook his hand

Bradford Mela waz heavy and also there were so many buff boyz!!!

The east london mela was heavy!!!

Sonia, Bham
Gota say Bham mela waz a BLAST! Perfect weatha, Fit ladz, gud performancez wat more cld a gal want????

Saima London
The success and fun of last years Slough mela is unprecedented. The vast number of popular pop and R & B acts were up to scratch. With an additional hugely popular celebrity, Pakistan's prince of pop arriving as the final act. Likewise the stalls were selling mmmm scrumpscious food. A day of fun for all. I would definitely recommend this Mela! You won't be disappointed. Good venue.

Bradford Mela has to be the best of the summer. Raghav was so gorgeous. Plus it was so sunny - a perfect day. Will be checking out Newcastle to compare.

You voted for your favourite Summer Mela 2004 star

Apache Indian 8%
Jassi Sidhu 7%
Kami K 4%
Mona 3%
Raghav 31%
Rishi Rich Project 48%

Total votes: 6174
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"I went to the leeds mela yesterday and i have to say i didn't enjoy it, i think it was coz of the singers that were lined up for the mela but the bradford mela was 100% better?" - *Zahira*
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