How to Listen

You can listen to, watch or read BBC Asian Network content on a number of different platforms. Click below to explore more.

  • DAB Digital Radio

    The BBC broadcasts 11 national stations and 32 local stations on DAB. You will need a new type of radio to receive DAB digital radio. Existing FM & MW (analogue) sets are unable to decode the digital signal. Unless your set carries the DAB logo, it will not receive DAB digital radio.

    Find out more about DAB digital radio

    Check DAB coverage in your area or try the postcode checker.

  • Medium Wave

    In some parts of the UK you can hear the BBC Asian Network on the Medium Wave frequencies listed below. Check local listings online or Radio Times to find out if you can listen to the BBC Asian Network on MW in your area.

    East Midlands: 837 
    West Midlands: 1458 and 828
    Beds Bucks and Herts: 630 and 1161
    Derbyshire: 1116
    Lancashire (Blackburn and Preston): 855
    Peterborough/North Cambridgeshire: 1449
    Sheffield: 1035
    West Yorkshire (Leeds/Bradford): 774

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