Friday 26th December

    **Friction Introducing Special**

    Manj Banwait
    Piche Hohke [Soundpipe]
    M.I Family ft Kuldeep Manak Gabhru [MI Records]
    Zeekay My Moment [Demo]
    Triple H Productions Sacrafice [Mash Up]
    Shabz The Madness of Love [Deepest Muzik]
    RKZ Rock Ya [Demo]
    Abi & Prithpal Vakra Tunda [Demo]
    Kidd Skilly Too Cool [Witnis]
    Stylus Silsila [Demo]
    Dhisk Jointed Bol Basuriya Bol [Demo]
    Goonda Children of Bharati [High Chai]
    Delime ft Kaka Bhaniwala Dhol Tho Bina (Ironic) [Bazaar]
    Radio Hiro Body Moving [Demo]

    Down [Soundpipe]
    Mixman feat. Jasmine
    Anything [Envy]
    Strikey I Remember [Demo]
    Celt Islam Haq Ul Yaquin [Demo]
    Delhi Sultanate Jalado [Demo]
    Ginuwine Feat. Shayal Baby [Utopia]
    Dravidian Crew Asian Junglist Traveller [Demo]
    Seminar My Parents [Desi Digital]
    Last Mango in Paris Jolene [Demo]
    Mandeep Sethi Where Do We Go From Here [Demo]
    Sam K Why [Demo]
    Abdullah FLEX Knite Ryder [Demo]

    Young Archie Assignment
    Bee Sting [Demo]
    Raghu Dixit Gudugudiya Sedi Nodo (Smoke The Hookah) [Saregama]
    Maja Blaze Operational Interface [Demo]
    Dally King Sarkara [Demo]
    Pinju Bollyholly [Demo]
    Juz’D Piyar [Silverbak]
    Triple H Productions Prince of Hearts [Hoo Haa]
    RKZ ft Raxstar Renegades remix [Demo]
    Abi Mystical Love (ADP Remix) [Demo]
    Dravidian Crew Twice Born [Demo]
    Zeekay Daddys Girl [Demo]
    Sunny K Smiles & Cries [Demo]
    Kidd Skilly Lollipop [Demo]
    Goonda Nadia [High Chai]
    Celt Islam Borderless World [Demo]

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