Friday 1st August 2008

    DJ Stin
    Chumka Te Lengha [Envy]
    Swami Ching [D Code Remix] [White]
    H Dhami feat. Roach Killa Akh Lad Gayee [Rishi Rich Productions]
    Shamur Let the Music Play [Marascia Remix] [Ultra Records]
    JC Feat. Fake Rapper Belly [Bassline Remix] [Relentless]
    RDB Shera Dhi Korm [Untouchables]
    Sway feat. Lemar Saturday Night Hustle [Pias]
    Peter Bjorn & John feat. Victoria Bergsman Young Folks [Wichita]
    Play Az Lab feat Major Mahunvalia Dupatta [Play-Az Lab Records]
    1745 Aahista [White]
    Jazzy B Dilla Nu [Moviebox]

    Nikesh Shukla
    Superheroic [Friendly Neighborhood]
    Nikesh Shukla Damon Allbarn a Pompous Country [Friendly Neighborhood]

    Miss Pooja Ft. Geeta Zalinder Seeti Marke [Go Home Productions “Blow Your Turkey” Remix]
    Sukshinder Shinda Chardi Khalla [Moviebox]
    D-Boy feat. Baby Blu Dheere Dheere [Come Closer] [VIP Urban]

    Nitin Sawhney Ft Reena Bhardwaj Ek Jaan [Cooking Vinyl]
    M.I.A. Paper Planes [Scottie B Remix] [XL]
    Nelly Furtado feat. Timbaland & Amar Promiscious Girl [Indian Sunset Remix by Jim Beanz & Charlie Hype] [Polydor]
    **Guest Mix: DJ H** 
    Dj H & Dj Ragsft Jas Johal Mar Javan [Reloaded]
    Dj H & Dj Rags ft Labh Janjua & Miss Pooja Aaja Aaja [Sand Dune Remix] [Reloaded]
    Dj H & Dj Rags ft Tanvir Gogi Challa [Reloaded]
    Dj H & Dj Rags ft Billa Bakshi Chaa Muklavy [Reloaded]
    Dj H & Dj Rags ft Kaka Bhainiawala Jawani [Breakbeat Remix] [Reloaded]
    Dj H & Dj Rags ft Kaka Bhainiawala Jawani [Reloaded]
    Manak-E Peeniya [Reloaded]
    Dj H & Dj Rags ft Nirmal Sidhu & Miss Pooja Char Panj [Reloaded]
    Dj H & Dj Rags ft Lembhar Hussainpuri Gulaab [Reloaded]
    Dj H & Dj Rags ft Billa Bakshi Koi Mor [Reloaded]
    Dj H & Dj Rags ft Labh Janjua Jind Mahi [Reloaded]
    Goonda Children Of Bhararti [Goonda Indica Remix] [High Chai Recordings]
    Vic Da Baron Ft E40 & Turftalk Adjust the Bass [Grindstone Ents]
    Kamaj V’s Nanda Malani The Bushmans Lost Nanda Malani Tape [White]
    RKZ Rock Ya [DAS Records]
    Radiohiro Body Moving [White]
    Alphabet Assassin [So Empire]

    Funky Nomads Aaja Dholna [Jazzbo Music]
    Noisettes Scratch Your Name [Universal] 

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