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Film Cafe: Winners Forecast

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Bhoomika ChawlaBhoomika Chawla in Dil Ne Jise Apna Kahaa
Dhani has spend most of her life in hospital waiting for a heart transplant, then Pari comes to her aid.
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Divya DuttaDivya Dutta in Veer-Zaara
Shabbo helps Zaara realise that she is in love with Veer and marrying anyone else is wrong.
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Kareena KapoorKareena Kapoor in Yuva
Mira is a college student who doesn't believe in love, that is till she meets Arjun.
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Kiron KherKirron Kher in Hum Tum
Parminder Prakash aka Bobby is the understanding mother who knows her daughter will find another man to love.
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Lara DuttaLara Dutta in Bardaasht
Advocate Payal is faced with the most challenging case of her life and the only way she can win is if she bends the rules.
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Rani MukherjeeRani Mukherjee in Yuva
Sashi Biswas is the wife of a gangster who knows that one day she will become a widow.
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Sundeep Shergill (India)
Divya dutta was very boring in the movie...she overacted in VeerZara

noreen, london
Divya Dutta!! no doubt about it! she pulled off the role of shabbo in veer zaara better than anyone else could have!she's the true winner!

Anna, London
Bhomaika Chawala should get this award. She has really tried her best in this film.

Khushi, India
Divya Dutta hands down. She was just so brilliant & it surprises me that she actually learnt that accent & language to fit into the character.

Koyeli, U.S.A
The one and only Rani Mukherji.

Angela, Walsall
In my opinion Rani did her best acting to date in BLACK. The story is SAD and cried so much through out the film.

Aslam, Dublin
Rani Mukherjee, is marvellous in veer zaara, no one can beat her and i think she will go for double as well as best actress also! just watch, she is really fantastic.

Dipesh, Vancouver
great work in hum tum.

Javaid, Telford
Divya Dutta has come of age and deserves to win for her absolutely amazing performance against the giants of SRK and Kiron Kher in VZ. Don't you agree?

Ashima - Michigan-USA
I believe Rani Mukherji should win but for the film Veer-Zaara because she did an oustanding, superb, fabulous,spectactular job in the movie as a supporting actress. I do not have words to express the performance she has given in Veer-Zaara which was emotionally the best I have ever seen.

Varinder England
Definately Rani Mukerji for Yuva... Rani had the best year as a performer in 2004... All of her performances were critically acclaimed and she also recieved Box Office success too... Rani was amazing in Yuva and no other actress from todays day and age could have done as much justice to Sashi as Rani did!

Of course Rani, she was fabulous in Yuva and nobody can beat her in this slot.

Aayna, Birmingham
Kareena Kapoor was really good in yuva she looks so much better without make up.

I Vote for Rani Mukherjee as whe was the only actress in Yuva to stand out from the other charactors in the film. Her acting is sheer class and she has an amazing spark with all her co stars.

Meenakshi, London
Of course Rani Mukerji, there is no doubt. She is the best actress, best supporting actress, of 2004... She is the best actress of today's generation. I've been upset for many years after the leave of Madhuri, Sri Devi, Rekha, Jaya and all the wonderful ladies, only Rani has made me feel that another actress worth every cent of the audience has come to bollywood.

Lara, Birmingham
Rani because she can do the right emotions in movies like Hum Tum.

Hrishi, London
Rani Mukherji in Veer-Zaara, cause she underplays her performance beautifully. well done rani.

Sonal, Canada
Definately Kiron Kher. She was fansactic in "HUM TUM". No Doubt tht she is the winner !

Kam - London
Kareena is very good in Yuva and Mani has got the best out of her.

Khyati, London
Divya Dutta as she was very cute and bubbly in Veer Zaara...great piece of acting

Puspa Dorjay - London
I think Divya Dutta deserves the award as her role was very strong and she suited it.

Kareena was so natural in Yuva burt most importantly she had shook of the Poo charactor we were so used to. She should get the award.

Nadia, Notts
Rani Mukherjee is fabulous in this film and has showed her fans that she is the best of the best. Just watch out for forthcomimg films.

Sonia, UK
Kirron Kher- this lady does it all.. She can play any role, looks fantastic in real life- great smile.. reminds me of my mom

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Vote for who you would think will win?

1. Bhoomika Chawla 6%
2. Divya Dutta 25%
3. Kareena Kapoor 9%
4. Kirron Kher 12%
5. Lara Dutta 6%
6. Rani Mukherjee 42%

Total votes: 518

Disclaimer: This vote will not in anyway influence the outcome of this year's film awards.
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