Read Diwali Messages

kam ad family
a very happy diwali to my family and friends in leicester and leeds.

dharmesh mistry
happy new year salmubarak to all at asian network

Prem Sivlal
Happy DIWALI to everyone who knows me.Hopeyou all have a nice time.

Gloria and Bob
Suki, Jaz, Amrita and Govind - wishing you all a great Diwali with peace and happiness- Bob and Gloria

meena mehmi
happy diwali to plausi dillon and rhea happy new year

makarand Kulkarni
Wishing all of you "Very Happy Diwali & Prosperous New Year"

Happy Diwali to all! Enjoy this Festival of Lights with family, friends, and God.

Happy Diwali to all my friends, whatever the faith and I wish you all joy and all the good stuff.

manjit singh purewal
happy diwali 2 every 1

happy diwali to all of world god may wish you all of happy diwaly and happy new year

happy diwali have an good one to all my family

davinder purewal
Happy diwali to all my family and friends.

natasha mistry
HaPpY DiWaLi To everyone on asian network and EvErYoNe AnD HaVe A PrOsPeRoUs NeW YeAr!!!!x x x =)

Rajkumar Theeng
Wishing you all, my friends and family prosperous and happy Tihar 2009. Have a wonderful Dipawali.

Olly Wood
Shumy KaypeeHappy Diwali to you and your family

hari bhattarai
happy deepawali for all hindu people and people of america(bhutanese people who are depart from their mother land bhutan) with prosperous new year.

happy diwali 2 every1... may god bless u all

happy diwali 2 everyone acrross da world! may god bless u all

harpreet dawett
Happy Diwali!! to my mum, dad and brother :) .. we're going to have a great night, with lots of fireworks and samosas :)Love Harpreet :) xx

Chris Haigh
I hope that everyone has an amazing Diwali and we can all have a happy and fun time together. ^_^

Happy Diwali 2 every1 who iz celeberating!! luv listening 2 asian network!!

Nitesh Patel
Wishing everyone a happy Diwali and a prosperous New Year

Taniiaaa :)
Happy Diwlai every one :)

Ravinder & Bal
Happy Diwali to everyone we know. May God bring peace and happiness in everyones lives, God bless!!!

happy diwali to all the babies in the world.keep toddlingbuttonxxx

avni gupta
a very happy diwali to everyone.loveavni

Happy Diwali... Play safe...

Happy Diwali to all from West London

Happy diwali to all my friends and family also rest of the world wishing you a best of 2009

Wishimg my family a Happy Diwali & a Prosperous New Year!!!

happy diwali, it's good to see light, warmth, and colour in the cold and dark of winter, and may you never forget your root's and culture,,, bless you, peace and light.

Jasbir singh
Happy Diwali for every one.

Jan T
Happy Diwali to all people who celebrates it, I'm not indian myself but I'm wish all the best in New year!

Chetan Sharma
A Very Warm Happy Diwali To My Amazing Girlfriend Gemma =D...I LOVE YOUUU!!!x

Prerna Choudhury

Karen Alexander
Happy Diwali to all my Dhaliwal Clan friends - most especially Hardie, Jeevie, Simran, AK, Baljinder...a cast of 1000s!x

Ramehh Puni
Happy diwalli & properous new year


Mukesh Gohil , Southall UK
Happy Diwali & a prosperous New Year to all the Gohils around the world. And may god bless all the peace loving people of the world .

Happy Diwali to all. Especially to my Harrow homies.

Narendra Sampat
Happy Diwali and New Year to all my Friends and Family and rest of the World.

Happy Diwali to all , may your life be lighter and your blessings for others be many, Thank you for bringing Diwali into my life an the neasden temple,.

Prateek Saxena
Happy Diwali to All!!!!

Paul Fieldman
Happy Diwali, peace & happiness to you all

A Sharma
Very Happy Diwali to all of you............

Vikram Bhardwaj
Wishing everybody back home a wonderful Diwali and hope to see you guys for Christmas and new year

Matthew and Madeleine
Happy Diwali Nanny and Grandad - see you at tea time. We are looking forward to the sparklers. Lots of love

Srikanth Pullikanti
Happy Diwali to all. And enjoy the festival all together.

Happy Diwali to Everyone!

happy Diwali and happy Hannaka too to all my friends, relatives and neighbours in Britain

sati batra
happy diwali to all family and friends. lots of love from Sati x

Happy Diwali to all my friends and family

Balbir Dhugga
Happy Diwali to Dhugga family and friends

Happy Divali to my darling wife, Lynesh and my lovely son, Ciaran

Happy diwali to all.

Anil Amin
Wishing all the family whereever you all are a very happy diwali and may all your dreams come true in your precious lives

HAPPY DIWALI to everyone, may this next year bring peace and happiness in our lives - especially needed at this unsettled time. God bless.

Happy Diwali to all at Charlies Friendly Store, especially Chota Nick who is special fan of Raj & Pablo on Saturdays.

Happy Diwali to all the Gurhkas celelbrating it in the army today.

krisha solanki
Happy Diwali and prosperous new year to one and all !!!

Gloria & Bob Childs
Dear Suki, Jaz, Amrita and GovindWishing you peace and happiness as you celebrate Diwali.LoveBob & Gloria

happy Diwali to all, lots of love out there

Happy Diwali! :) xx

Hi all....wishing u all a very happy and colorful Diwali ....BBC rocks... let peace be there for all and let the world be united in happiness.

Dilip Mistry - W'Bury
Happy Diwali to all the family and friends

Mansukh & Pushpa Ladwa
Warm wishes at Diwali for the enjoyment of the good times with family and friends, with good luck ahead and prosperity for ever.Mansukh & Pushpa Ladwa

Iain Holland
I'm not a Hindu but as an Englishman I wish all our Hindu UK citizens a very happy festival. iain

Jayesh A Pandya
Happy Diwali - Salmubarak to all, my friends, family, peace & love x x x

Dhruv Kadam
Happy Diwali to all

Happy Diwali and a prosperous New year to everyone :)

A happy Diwali to all my indian friends .swedish greetings

please wish on air Happy Diwali to Sai Datta sarees to Lalita Ben, Harsha, Datta & Milla from the Sen Gupta FamilyThanksSubha

Happy Diwali: Nusrat rocks.God bless all of the beautiful people.

Happy Diwali to all celebrating...Bandi Chor diyaan lakh lakh vadaiyaan...xx

Shawkat Hashmi
Happy Diwali & New Year to all.

Happy Diwali for every one.

Sumit Utreja
Wishing all a very happy and lightful diwali,full of joy and cheers,,,Play safe ,,ejoy ...Many many happy retyurns of the day .HAPPY DIWALI....

Wishing happy Diwali to all my friends & family. May the new year brings lots of happiness xx

Diwali Mubarak! - KV EV RV CV and everyone else!

Happy Diwali 2 every1

Bhawesh Patel
Happy Diwali & New Year to all.

Mahesh Birla
Dear Vadhu, Mann, Dhwani, Pihuu, Kuhuu and little AavaniThis Diwali may we in all sincerity- forgive wrongs that cannot be forgotten- renew relationships and faith in humanity- realise it never is too late to get up again- gather families and friends in love and joy- light up one stranger’s day with a smile This Diwali may our prayers be selfless enough to- include those who thirst, hunger and live in poverty- rise above our personal wants of wealth and prosperity- ensure we remember those who give up their lives so we have our freedom- enlighten, purify and cleanse our selfishness and teach us to give- thank God for what we have but never quite cherish This Diwali may we try- to be better human beings- to feed a hungry person more often- to be kind to people around us- to stand up for what is right- to respect each other This Diwali may we, for everyone, look ahead- to peace and stability- good health and happiness- fairness and justice- a cleansing of spirit from hatred and anger- to renew our faith in love and kindness This Diwali, peace to you and your family!!! God Bless!!! Best Wishes

Happy Diwali Folks, I mean Punjabi chee " Diwali dii lakh lakh wadiyan hoon. Cheers

kalwinder chahal
a very happy diwali to everyone..... god bless

Happy Diwali to everyone who celebrates it and hope it brings you a lot of light and happiness into your life. XXXX

kalwinder chahal
happy diwali to everyone who knows me and dont know me.enjoy and god bless

Harjit Kaur
Happy Diwali to Sandeep, sorry i forgot to mention you in my previous message, Happy New Year from xMOMx

Joyten Shukla
Very Happy Diwali to the Shukla family in Rushey Mead Leicester a verry prosperous Diwali have a happy Diwali

Happy diwali to all my friends and family also rest of the world

Preity ....will catch u on Diwali at BBC....Happiest Diwali....Keep enjoyin...

Roberto Carlos Alvarez-Galloso
For my friends and family at BBC Asian Network:Happy Diwali from Miami Florida.

Happy Diwali and safe diwali

Adriana Estrada
My best wishes for a wonderful Diwali and a prosperous and fruitful New Year.With best regards from México ...

Adriana Estrada
I am sending my best wishes for a wonderful Diwali and a very prosperous and fruitful New Year.With best regards from México ...

Amit Shah
Happy Diwali Sal Mubarak to Everyone, have a wonderful Dan Teras, and Great Kali Chodus, a BRIGHT COLORFUL DIwali and a HAPPY NEW YEAR :) from all of us here in CHicago to all of you in UK. :)

Happy Diwali and prosperous new year to all over the world. :)

Harjit Kaur
HAPPY DIWALI to Harp, Kaz, Davi, Harvi and my grandsons Raj and Manni and all the asian network listeners and presenters HAPPY NEW YEAR xx

Nitin Vaidya
Happy Diwali and prosperous new year

Manish Kumar
Hi guys enjoy this dewali......................

wishing all a happy diwali and new year.... may the year bring joy and happiness xxx

rashda naeem
Happy Diwali all my indian friends

Dhiren, SHela, Jenieka & Ishani
Happy Diwali to everyone we know & dont know hope all celebrations are great and safe & happy new year to all. (if Adil could particularly give a shout out to Nilesh, Vina, Uma & Shyaam they would be over the moon thank you)

HAPPY DIWALI to my family back in Birmingham and my beautiful fiancee! Next year we can celebrate Diwali together! Love from SUNNY

Sanjoli Seehra
Wishing my dear husband 'Darshan',my loving son 'Gurman' and the rest of my family and all the listeners out there, A very happy and prosperous Diwali. May God bring peace and happiness in our lives !!!

BBC Asian Network
Happy Diwali to all our listeners. Please submit your Diwali greeting and it will appear here.

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