Healthy Recipes


Throughout the month top chefs, health experts and nutritionists will give practical tips and advice on how to cook typical Asian food but with a healthy twist.

Listen Again

Sonia Deol


Sonia talks about healthy eating live from Guru Teg Bahudar gurdwara in Wolverhampton. Sonia, together with a specialist Cardiac Dietician look at the best ways to change menus for healthier options including changing the ingredients of Langar food to reduce the salt and saturated fat intake.

Mirpuri Programme

As part of Eat Healthier week the Mirpuri show looks at eating habits on the go. With an overwhelming number of Pakistani men being taxi drivers The Mirpuri Show features a recorded diary of a late shift taxi driver's food habits. What they may eat, and at what times. A real eye opener into a taxi driver's life.

Gujarati Programme

Spend two evenings in a traditional Gujarati home as they cook a typical meal and then cook the same meal following nutritional advice.

Asian Network Reports Special: The Toxic Takeaway


This documentary special investigates Asians' relationship with Trans fats and explores the idea that obesity within the Asian community is a huge problem. Most often found in processed foods and takeaways, this programme investigates how a number of countries have banned the trans fats and also hears from the people whose diets have put their lives at risk, the takeaway owners who are churning out potentially life threatening meals and the campaigners who want to see a change.

Weekend Breakfast

Sunny & Shay Grewal take Get Healthy Month home with them. This week, can Mum Grewal cook up a ghee and oil free curry? And will the family be able to taste the difference? And how will they rate it?

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