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Toxic Takeaway

For this Asian Network Report Special, music producer Rishi Rich talks about how he faced his own junk food hell and reveals the danger of 'trans fats', Most often found in processed foods and takeaways, this programme investigates how a number of countries have banned the trans fats and also hears from the people whose diets have put their lives at risk, the takeaway owners who are churning out potentially life threatening meals and the campaigners who want to see a change.

Broadcast on Mon 23 May at 18.00

The Asian Death Wish

Holby City actor, Hari Dhillon delves into the current state of Asian health, discovering a multitude of negative statistics. Hearing from Professor Mike Kelly, Director of NICE (National Institute Clinical Excellence), the programme explores the ideas that British Asian's are getting diseases younger, are sick for longer and have higher death rates compared to the white population. It also investigates the notion that Asians are reluctant to change their lifestyle to become healthier.

Broadcast on Mon 09 May at 18.00

Asian Network Reports - Special reports

Diabetes Researchers at Glasgow University have told us for every hour we sit down - we're increasing our chances of getting diabetes. Asian Network's Dil Neiyyar has this special report.

Breakfast Club A charity has set up breakfast clubs where kids in Burnley can eat a balanced meal before the school day starts and now for the first time attendance and concentration levels of Asian pupils is up. Asian Network's Rahila Bano reports.

A curry a day Seven out of ten of Asian Network listeners said they could eat curry every day. The results of our online health form may not come as a surprise to many Asians but there are significant differences when it comes to what generation you are. BBC Asian Network's Ushma Mistry reports.

Eating disorders Asian Network's been told many Asians with eating disorders are risking their lives by suffering in silence. The charity BEAT who helps victims, say conditions like anorexia and bulimia, remain a hidden problem amongst the community.

Our Breaking Hearts

New statistics, released exclusively to 'Asian Network Reports Special' reveal the true extent of the burden of heart disease on ethnic minorities in the UK. According to new research from the British Heart Foundation and the University of Oxford, rates of heart disease are far higher in Asian men than in the wider population yet they are twice as likely to miss out on life saving care.


First Broadcast on Mon 28 Jun 2010

Are you Positive?

Konnie Huq investigates claims that British Asians are risking their lives by failing to get tested for HIV.


First Broadcast on Mon 30 Nov 2009

The Trouble with Hubble Bubble

Konnie Huq investigates the shisha cafes which have become a common sight in cities and looks at Department of Health research suggesting shisha smokers may be killing themselves.


First Broadcast on Tue 29 Dec 2009

Addicted to Booze

Alcohol agencies have noticed a growing number of British Asian women trying to get help. We find out if Asian women are becoming addicted to booze.


First Broadcast on Mon 3 Nov 2008

Join the Register

We hear the stories of those in India waiting for organ and bone marrow donations as the country is on the verge of being persuaded to have a donor register.


First Broadcast on Mon 20 Oct 2008

Dying to be Thin

Eating disorders are on the increase in the UK - how does this affect British Asians? Konnie Huq talks to medics and researchers and also hears from people suffering from eating disorders.


First Broadcast on Mon 21 Apr 2008

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