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Asian Nation: My life, my roots, my music

What's your story?

What part will being British Asian play in your future?

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How satisfied are British Asians are with life in the UK? What's the future for British Asians? What factors will affect our future? What are your aims and aspirations for the future as a British Asian in the UK?

Sheni Ravji Smith

Sheni Ravji Smith

Sheni Ravji Smith from Manchester on her own identity and the future of the British Asian community.

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Read what others have been saying:

Bobby Kandola, Bangalore, India
I will be interested in knowing how much of an impact the rise of India will have on British Indians in particular in the future. With the growing cultural influence and economic clouth acting as a reinforcement of Indian/South Asian values, especially with the growing number of caucasian Europeans starting to find validity in the traditional values of South Asian communities. Also, if our houses and land values back in Punjab, Gujarat, Bengal, Maharashtra etc etc are worth more than what we have in the UK, and the opportunities to have a higher standard of living increase in the cities of India, then will we begin to see India as our future rather than our past? Thousands of British born Indians are moving to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi or Chennai (to name a few) and many people are starting to see the UK as a declining power, becoming more racist, and more protectionist... a nation uneasy about its dual identity citizens, and constantly seeking a scapegoat for the failings of its own people by blaming immigrants, Muslims, or national security issues over the complete disillusionment of the young white men and women of the UK, who have limited motivation to work hard, unwillingness to learn new languages, and a growing intolerance of the assertion of identity of the 2nd/3rd generation British ethnic minorities. These factors may all play a part in shaping the identity of British Indians in particular. The future is as interesting as our past...

Jasmine, London
The future is coffee coloured! There'll be so much more integration that everyone will be part of each others cultures.

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