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Asian Nation: My life, my roots, my music

What's your story?

How has being British Asian influenced who you are?

Tell us your story

What makes up your identity? Is it where you and your family came from or where you are now that matters? What events in your lives have shaped who you are? Do British Asians have to reject their roots and 'sell out' to get on in life? Listen to programmes about identity and then send in your stories and comment on what you've heard below.

Asian Network Poll: Over a third of British Asians surveyed say they don’t feel British. Most computers will open this document automatically, but you may need Adobe Reader

BBC News: Many Asians 'do not feel British'

BBC News: 'I like Hollywood not Bollywood'

Out of Africa - Nerm uncovers the truth behind the East African Asian exodus. Don't Call Me Asian - More people are rejecting the term 'Asian'. The Real Brick Lane - Konnie Huq reveals the real story of British Bangladeshis.

keepin it Desi but also Valeyti ...

Fizza *Paki Punjaban*

i believe represnting and showin our tru identity iz our duty! im a Londonstani GCSE Desi student. herez wat iv learnt.

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Fizza Ilyas

Fizza Ilyas

Fizza Ilyas on her life as a Pakistani girl living in West Yorkshire

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Indianess should not be forgotten


I am of mixed Indo-Guyanese and Irish background, my Great Grandparents came from India back in the 19th Century.

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Your standard British-Asian who supports Liverpool FC and has studied Law

Vikram Sokhi

Fusion of east and west.

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Read what others have been saying:

Dee, London
I'm a born and bred Londoner first then a Gujarati Hindu. I'm a Londoner outside of the house and a Gujarati when I'm at home and with the community. Most of my friends are similar to me.

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