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Asian Nation: My life, my roots, my music

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Waheed Aslam

By: Waheed Aslam

Aged 37 living in London with wife and 3 kids

I see lots of British Asians (BA) similar to me, well qualified academically and in relatively good positions in companies. I think that the PC society that Britain adopts has made it more difficult for asians to integrate broader than their own communitities. This not only applies to Asians in general but also British Asians, who (in theory) are able better to communicate with non-asians. Obviously with the emphasis of "asian terrorists" there is also tension in the air and an underlying current of "standoffishness" and also the reluctance of asian communities to build bridges also makes life more difficult in UK today. I think BA's are still tarnished by the MOB few who spoil it for the rest.

On saying that, my family and I feel an integral part of our community in West London and working and school environments. The key has been respect for oneself and of others moreover a willingness of wanting to be part of society. When choosing an area in which to live in London we chose a particular area that was not over burdened with Asians this is now helpoing us to better intergrate our lifestyles and way of life with our neighbours and friends.

Too many BA's fail to shackle themselves from stereotypes, part out of insecurity in their own person and in case of many a teenager/early twenties of actually behaving their age.

Part of the solution and source of the problems are from home managing childhood for many asian parents is still an issue and are powerless to control their children. this is again due to parents not understanding the issues facing kids nowadays or they turn a blind eye.

In the past I have been called a "coconut" asian outside - white inside, I chose to ignore those remarks as I am confident in my own heritage as well as the environment that I am in - how many other BA's can say that?

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