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Asian Nation: My life, my roots, my music

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Do you need to be a "rudeboi"?

By: Manveer Punia

The title is pretty self explanatory, no matter where you seem to go these days, particularly in densely populated Asian areas, the rudeboi seems to be a pretty common feature, so yes, that can be considered as part of British Asian culture today. But what about the so called "normal" looking people? If you don't wear particular clothes and have a certain hairstyle, does that mean that you simple blend into crowd unnoticed and there is nothing more to you??

There are a lot of us who have been brought up engulfed by the rudeboi scene and attitude, but haven't succumbed to the, "peer pressure", it could be called, but then what does that make us? everyone else? I don't think so, there are so many different types of people, and one thing that I can say for these is that a lot of them are quite successful in their own right. Still there are those that are continuing with their family businesses or those entrepreneurs that have started their own, of course we have the student, who are taking advantages of opportunities that were not available to their parents 20 or 30 years ago. We have many Asians that are now taking active roll in the running of this country, which means we are now finally embracing this country as our own, as we should be entitled to, ranging from social workers to police officers to MPs.

You may see this as biased and one sided, and portraying that those with the rudeboi look, are all living up to their image of being a lay about, good for nothing, the Asian answer to a Chav, if that isn't the case, then why look that way, why portray yourself to be something you not and give yourself a negative image?

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