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The Vault

All the 'best bits' from the Adil Ray show (Updated Weekly)

    Adil goes Strictly

    Laila Rouass speaks to Adil about her exit from Strictly Come Dancing and more!

    The Family

    The stars from Channel 4’s The Family. Mr and Mrs Grewal (Arvinder and Sarbjit) joined the Adil Ray Show

    Karachi FM

    All the previous episodes of Mudasser and Mubasher in Karachi FM.

    Adil's been giving the Big B a special tribute on the show
    MC Raa
    MC RAA

    He's the bad boy of the Adil Ray show - bringing some much needed street cred.

    Press Conference

    Adil may have not got access to the biggest stars - but he did get hold of their interviews on tape. With a bit of creative editing, you can now enjoy his unbelievable conversations. Some interviews are genuine. (Singer Kazz Kumar interview added)

    Majid Nagra

    All the other good stuff from the show. **NEW**  Majid from the Apprentice live on the show & Adil wearing a thong!


    She's the mother every celeb never wanted. Currently known as 'Benazir Di Maa'  (June 2009)


    Adil Ray's comical take on TV, drama and film
    (Alternative Eastenders endings added)

    Uni Crowd

    Everyone's favourite Halal butcher.

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