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Adil's Message Board
Adil's Messageboard

Tell your family, friends and loved ones what you really think about them!  
Leave your message by filling in the form and Adil may read it out on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8.45am.  
Please note: We may change or remove real names and there is no guarantee your message will be read out.

    Ray of Light

    Here's a selection of your messages:

    To Bosses

    Bosses who take the mick need to do work themselves. Staff are not your monkies.

    To my Future In-Laws

    Stop trying to create fake functions that my parents have to pay for just so your family can get presents from us and a free party. I am very close to not attending the wedding. Anon

    To Omar

    Just because you're on holiday, it doesn't mean my life is on hold. GET UP!!

    From Mum

    To Anonymous

    I can;t believe you've made my life about you for the past 3 months. Lies after lies just to get me into bed! People like you need to grow up and learn that there are still honest people out there looking for a life partner and not a one night stand!

    To my Mother-In-Law

    I wish you didn't have to come back from India. Me and your Laadla were so happy with you. We are 30 and not 3 so stop telling us when to get up, when to eat and what to eat. Butt out.

    From N.

    To my Neighbour

    Its not my fault the building firm who built our houses sent you a letter for always the access drive. There is no need to be all moody with me. Its your own fault.

    To my Unborn Baby

    Could you please now think about joining us. Your eviction notice has been served. Mummy has tried all the normal ways. Eating pineapple, bouncing on a gym ball, eating spicy food, long walks and of course the usual recommendations and nothing. Please Mummy wants to see her feet again.

    To my Mother-In-Law

    Going to your daughters to look after her poorly kids with her is good, but how can you say you reat me like your daughter when you don't even come out of your room when both my kids were being sick at the same time! Don't say something you don't mean.

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