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Adil and Navin
Navin Kundra

Our Man of 101 Voices performs tracks in the style of Amitabh, Atif and throws in some surprises and yes It was Navin Kundra!

Freshy Friday

The team dress Desi for ‘Freshy Friday’. If you dressed up, send us your pics to

New Sports Reader

Jassi drops into the studio for a chat and Adil recruits him as the new sport reader

The Show Song

We start our show with this every morning at 7am...and would like to give it to you.

To get the song straight to your phone, text the word mobile to 81869 or to download it follow the instructions below

Adil on Bellamy's People

Mr Khan, community leader, tells us why only Muslims should run Britai

Click Here

Check out Adil's characters from Bellamy's people

**NEW** Adil talks to Paul Whitehouse

Meet Mr Khan - The Community Leader

Comedian Felix Dexter in the studio

Mc Raa  "You Get Me"

    Introducing Terry Dumpling

    Terry Dumpling, the number 1 British Asian DJ is here with the Best of Bollywood!

    Terry performs Disco Dancer * NEW *
    Terry performs Ooie Ooie
    Terry performs Aap Jaisa Koi
    Terry performs Jadoo Teri Nazar
    Terry performs Yeh Dosti
    Something's happening to Terry (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai)

      Omid Djalili

      Comedian Omid Djalili speaks to Adil ahead of the release of his new film The Infidel.

      shah rukh
      Adil goes Bolly!

      Adil Ray caught up with Bollywood Superstar Shah Rukh Khan
      Listen back to interviews with Javed Akhtar & Amitabh Bachchan

      The Vault
      The Vault

      All the classic moments from 'The Adil Ray Show' that you know and love.  (Updated Weekly)

      MC Raa

      MC Raa made his TV debut on Bellamy's People on BBC 2. Click below for behind the scenes footage of Mr Khan.

      Adil's Message Board
      Adil's Message Board

      Wash your dirty laundry in public! Leave your message by filling in the form and Adil and the team will read them out on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:45am
      For example: "To the people in the car infront if you brake late one more time I will not be responsible for my actions" 

      Adil's Other Number

      Entertain the nation by leaving a message on Adil's other number and we could be playing it out on the show. Put the following number in your contacts list now...

      07807692703 (Standard mobile network charges apply, check with your operator. You must have the bill payer's permission).

      Have you heard the 'Mystery Voicemail Lady'?  She likes to leave us a rendition of a popular song.

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