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More about Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust

Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust has a well-established and successful arts programme with a proud history of professional arts activity in its hospitals for over 20 years. Our ongoing mission is to develop a high quality programme of integrated arts projects and commissions to change and improve the physical and social environment of Southampton’s acute hospitals for the comfort, support and well-being of patients, visitors, staff and the local community.

The aims of the Trust’s arts programme are: to promote and create high quality interior and exterior healthcare environments; enhance and complement patient care and other services through arts activities, events, workshops, placements and other projects; improve and finally to promote access to, participation in, and an understanding of, the role of the arts and artists in healthcare.

There has been increasing national and international recognition of the value and role of arts in healthcare. Research and documentation shows that the arts have a valuable contribution to make to promote healthy communities (through health prevention and education), in assisting recovery and rehabilitation, and by improving healthcare buildings. At a national level, the NHS plan identifies the quality of the environment and the patient experience as key areas of focus and development.

Over the past two decades, Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust has commissioned a wide range of original artworks to enhance the healing environment of the Trust’s hospital buildings and grounds. Although many of the artworks have been specifically commissioned for patient specialist treatment areas such as oncology, cardiology, intensive care and CT and MRI scanner suites, a wide selection of artwork is also on display in accessible patient and public spaces. In addition to the oil and acrylic paintings detailed in this catalogue, the Trust’s collection encompasses many different art forms including printmaking, photography, textiles, sculpture, glazing, ceramics, stone, metal and woodwork. Patient artwork also features prominently in our collection, the result of stimulating and rewarding collaborative projects bringing together patients and local artists. Much of the work on display draws inspiration from nature or natural views with a strong emphasis on the Hampshire landscape.

The arts will continue to play a significant role in the future development of Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust as a world-class specialist healthcare centre.

Abigail Dowell, Arts Coordinator

Text source: PCF / Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust

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