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More about North East Lincolnshire Museum Service

North East Lincolnshire Museum Service is part of North East Lincolnshire Council, which covers the towns of Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Immingham and a number of the surrounding villages. The Museum Service is responsible for holding the Council’s art collection, which, though small, contains many fine pieces, made by local, national and international artists.

Much of the Collection has come from a single donation: the Doughty Bequest. This bequest was left to the town of Grimsby in the will of Wilfrid Vere Doughty on his death in 1941 and is made up of a large number of paintings (particularly maritime scenes), a wide range of ship models and a great deal of chinaware.

The majority of this collection was put together by Wilfrid’s father Sir George Doughty, a long-time local councillor and then Member of Parliament for the town at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth centuries. Sir George was a hugely important local businessman, being, amongst other things, a ship owner, ship builder and newspaper magnate, as well as having other national and international business interests. This success made the Doughtys one of the wealthiest and most influential families in the town. A great deal of this wealth was spent on developing the family’s collection, which shows an excellent taste, particularly in the choices of maritime scenes. Though the Doughty Bequest forms the core of the Collection, many other donators, often from the surrounding area, have contributed pieces to the Collection.

Amongst the finest works in the Collection are Edward William Cooke’sA Dutch Galliot Entering Aberdeen Harbour in a Storm, a quite stunning seascape which was the product of a real event that the artist witnessed and sketched; John Wilson Carmichael’s fascinating painting of The Construction of the Royal Dock, Grimsby, Lincolnshire; as well as a number of portraits by the Grimsby-born but later London-based Victorian-era society artist Sir Thomas Benjamin Kennington. There are also works held which are attributed to the eminent artists Sir Peter Lely and Nicholas Pocock. Local artists such as Albert Edward Wade, David Tarttelin, George Race and John Hopkinson are well-represented too, giving the Collection a richness and diversity, whilst also representing the artistic talent that this region has long had. Recently, the Collection has begun to expand, with new acquisitions coming in from contemporary artists local to the Grimsby region, further strengthening the Collection’s connection to this area.

The Collection is frequently displayed in exhibitions across the North East Lincolnshire area.

Mark T. Tindle, Collections and Access Officer

Text source: PCF / North East Lincolnshire Museum Service

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