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More about ArtCare, Salisbury District Hospital

It is widely recognised that artworks, if well presented, can make a positive difference to the healthcare environment. In all its activities ArtCare, the arts service for Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, is looking to strengthen the link between the arts and healthcare and to raise awareness of the importance of a creative hospital environment to patient and staff well-being.

ArtCare brings colour and inspiration to the Trust by delivering a quality arts programme as a vital contribution to the healing process. ArtCare achieves this through exhibitions, permanent artworks, performing and participatory arts activities to inspire staff, patients and visitors to the Hospital.

Established in 1992, ArtCare has successfully completed a wide range of creative projects and commissioned many artworks for Salisbury Hospital. The art collection comprises more than 1,200 original contemporary pieces with some historical archive and photographic works.

Three large-scale works, created in 1993 by artist Diana de Vere Cole, continueto be popular with staff and visitors alike. Salisbury, Wiltshire, at Dusk, currently located within the Ear, Nose and Throat Department at Salisbury District Hospital shows a wide panorama of the city from Odstock Hill.

Another highlight of the painting collection is Swimmers by Ivy Smith, a well established oil painter of mainly figurative works. Ivy was commissioned in 2007 to create a large mural for the Orthopaedic Department. Ivy met with staff including physiotherapists, occupational therapists and nursing staff. They all expressed a preference for the painting to show a physical activity which patients may aspire to when they are better.

A more recent acquisition consists of four large panels, created by artist Clarence E. Blackburn that show scenes of fishing boats, harbour activities and meticulously observed landscapes of Cornwall. These have become a welcome addition to the works that can be seen across the Trust site.

The ArtCare service is funded mainly through charitable donations, grant investments and commissions on sales from monthly exhibitions. For further information or to make an appointment to see works in the Collection please visit

Lesley Meaker, Exhibitions Organiser and Curator

Text source: PCF / ArtCare, Salisbury District Hospital

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