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Ogden, Nina b.1980
Ogg, Wendy Date unknown
Oggiono, Marco d' c.1475–1530
Ogilvie, Charles 1833–c.1890
Ogilvie, G. H. E. Date unknown
Ogilvie, Jonathan Date unknown
Ogilvie, W. 1895–1939
Ogilvy, Katherine Date unknown
Ogue, Yuko b.1951
Oguiss, Takanori 1901–1986
Okazaki, Miyuki Date unknown
Okeke, Uche b.1933
Okell, A. C. Date unknown
Oki, Yuji b.1949
Olaiya, Olawurnni Date unknown
Olasco, Sikky Date unknown
Olave d.1799
Oldak, Winifred Date unknown
Oldfield, A. Date unknown
Oldfield, Michelle Date unknown
Oldfield, Thomas Date unknown
Oldham, Charles Date unknown
Oldmeadow, William H. c.1795–after 1860
Oldridge, Margaret Date unknown
Oldroyd, C. L. Date unknown
Olesinski, Ludwick 1923–1987

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