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Nelson, Benjamin 1874–1922
Nelson, Catherine Date unknown
Nelson, Damien Date unknown
Nelson, Edmund 1910–2007
Nelson, G. Date unknown
Nelson, Gayle Date unknown
Nelson, George 1821–1905
Nelson, Gwen Date unknown
Nelson, H. Date unknown
Nelson, Harold 1871–1948
Nemes, Endre 1909–1985
Nepalese School Date unknown
Nepostaev, V. K. Date unknown
Nerelle, Coral 1909–1986
Neri di Bicci 1418–1492
Neri, Pietro Martire c.1601–1661
Neroccio de' Landi 1447–1500
Neroni, Bartolomeo c.1500–1571
Nesbit, Ian Date unknown
Nesbitt Date unknown
Nesbitt, John 1831–1904
Nesbitt, John Date unknown
Nesbitt, Leslie Date unknown
Nesbitt, Tuesday Date unknown
Ness, Fiona Date unknown
Ness, James 1868–1945
Nessler, Walter H. 1912–2001

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