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Bailey, P. Date unknown
Bailey, W. Date unknown
Bailey, W. H. Date unknown
Baily, Dulcie Date unknown
Bain, Anne b.1951
Bain, Colin Date unknown
Bain, Donald 1904–1979
Bain, George 1881–1968
Bain, Jean Date unknown
Bain, Joy b.1966
Bain, Max Date unknown
Bain, Peter b.1927
Bainbridge, Florence Date unknown
Bainbridge, John 1918–1978
Baines Date unknown
Baines, Eileen Date unknown
Baines, Harry 1910–1995
Baines, Henry 1823–1894
Baines, Thomas 1820–1875
Baird Date unknown
Baird, Edward 1904–1949
Baird, George Date unknown

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