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Baburen, Dirck van c.1595–1624
Baccani, Attilio c.1823–1906
Bacchiacca 1494–1557
Baceir, M. Date unknown
Bachba, Emma Date unknown
Bache, Edward Date unknown
Bache, Otto 1839–1927
Backer Date unknown
Backer, Adriaen 1635/1636–1684
Backer, Jacques de 1540/1545–before 1600
Backhouse, David Date unknown
Backhouse, Henry Date unknown
Backhurst, L. C. Date unknown
Bacon, Nathaniel 1585–1627
Bacon, T. Date unknown
Badalocchio, Sisto 1585–after 1621
Badami, Andrea 1913–2002
Badcock, S. H. Date unknown

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