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Ashton, G. A. Date unknown
Ashton, J. Date unknown
Ashton, James 1859–1935
Ashton, John Date unknown
Ashton, Joseph D. 1875–1942
Ashton, Matthew Date unknown
Ashton, Stuart Date unknown
Ashton, William 1853–1927
Ashurst, H. B. Date unknown
Ashwell, B. C. Date unknown
Ashwell, C. F. Date unknown
Ashwell, Mary Date unknown
Ashworth, D. Date unknown
Ashworth, Walter 1883–1952
Ask, Elaine Date unknown
Askew, John Date unknown
Askew, Victor 1909–1974
Askew, William Date unknown
Asper, Hans 1499–1571
Asper, Hans Kaspar 1592–before 1655
Aspertini, Amico 1475–1552
Aspinall, Keith 1939–2008
Assadourigil, H. Date unknown
Assar, W. Date unknown
Asschen, B. Date unknown
Asselin, Maurice 1882–1947
Asselyn, Jan after 1610–1652
Assenov, Bontcho 1950–2014
Asser, A. S. Date unknown

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