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Agar, Eileen 1899–1991
Beale, Mary 1633–1699
Bell, Vanessa 1879–1961
Blake, William 1757–1827
Botticelli, Sandro 1444/1445–1510
Holbein the younger, Hans 1497/1498–1543
John, Gwen 1876–1939
Kneller, Godfrey 1646–1723
Lavery, John 1856–1941
Lawrence, Thomas 1769–1830
Leighton, Frederic 1830–1896
Lely, Peter 1618–1680
Leonardo da Vinci 1452–1519
Lessore, Helen 1907–1994
Manet, Édouard 1832–1883
Maratta, Carlo 1625–1713
Michelangelo 1475–1564
Monet, Claude 1840–1926
North, Marianne 1830–1890
Opie, John 1761–1807
Orpen, William 1878–1931
Raeburn, Henry 1756–1823
Tintoretto, Jacopo c.1519–1594
Titian c.1488–1576
van Dyck, Anthony 1599–1641
van Gogh, Vincent 1853–1890
Velázquez, Diego 1599–1660
1 - 67 of 67

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